Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alex Rodriguez Is A Cheater - In Win Over Toronto Blue Jays

Remember in the American League Series when Alex Rodriguez slapped the the glove of the man covering first? The ball dropped; and the New York Yankees went on to lose the series.


According to the Baseball Gods; you can steal bases, you can throw junk pitches, you can even slide hard - but, Alex Rodriguez, you can't knock the ball out of the other guys glove hoping the umpire doesn't see it.

That's cheating.

Tonight at Rogers Centre with a Blue Full Moon
overhead (, Howie Clark is camped under a easy pop-up to end the eighth, in a one run game. Alex Rodriguez is sauntering by, on his way to third - going through the motions. Howie Clark knows shortstop John McDonald is right behind him - and he knows it's the shortstops ball if he calls it.

All of a sudden Clark dives out of the way, the ball drops, a run scores...

Then John McDonald goes ballistic on Alex Rodriguez who's now standing on third.

You don't do that in baseball - because two players running to a high struck ball, blind with their eyes on the ball, are in a MOST perilous position. A system of protocols is in place, on every play, so that nobody is injured in a collision.

So... no one on the field of play crosses that line; you don't trick the other guy by saying 'I got it' as you run by - it’s DANGEROUS.

That's cheating - twice.

Alex Rodriguez Is A Cheater.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aaron Hill Steals Home!

Video-images of Aaron Hill's Straight Steal of Home !
As per my last post, on Second Baseman Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays, now here he goes and steals home.
[liveleak(dotcom) below the fold.]

(Getty Images Photo / Jim McIsaac)

A 1 - 1 Juggernaut in the seventh, here in Toronto. New York Yankees pitcher, Andy Pettite is paying too much attention to first - and forgets about Hill -
Aaron Hill executes a straight steal of Home for the lead!

You don't see that everyday!

This young baseball player LOOKS like a baseball player; he's smart at the plate or on the base paths; he has a range like Roberto Alomar, or Orlando Hudson; his footwork is Perfect, every throw is to the glove.

Goin' to the Hall at Cooperstown...

Here's Video-images from


Monday, May 28, 2007

Toronto Blue Jays Flock Distraught?

Jays bandwagon jumping beans should take some stock.

Where is this team one third of the way into the season?

  • Alex Rios is a year behind where many thought he would be because of injury - but he is now, a better than average major league baseball player - he's a keeper.
  • Second Baseman Aaron Hill will win a gold glove this year, I think he's on his way to the Hall.
  • One of the best centre fielders in the game.
  • Ditto at First Base.
  • DH (evil DH position) Go Frank Go. Frank Thomas is one of the best all around hitters in the game - .300 hitters get better with age!
  • Reed Johnson in Left Field: The Spark plug of this offense, will be back in July, hopefully.
  • 2 Aces and a bull pen amongst the best in the league.

Relax. Have a seat, it's early. Nobodies running away with this division - this is after all, Post Evil Empire...

And Boston Traded Trot Nixon???