Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cleveland Indians at Chicago Cubs - world series game 3 - 7th Inning

Story of the game:
No Out SAC-bunt in the 7th of world series game three - #8 hitter, Center Fielder, Tyler Naquin's advances PR Michael Martinez to 2nd base after a lead-off base hit by #7 hitter, catcher, Roberto Perez (winning rbi via PH by Coco Crisp, batting in the 1 spot).

Chicago - Friday, October 28, 2016

Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians 28 10 16
Cleveland Indians Chicago Cubs 26 10 16 Top 7 - No Out SAC-bunt [mlb advanced media]
Indians 1 - Cubs 0

Cleveland wins: 2
Chicago wins: 1


World Series - Cubs defence is better, barring further Cleveland perfection ...

Watching World Series Game 3  - shaping up as a series for the history books?

Unfortunately, I saw the final score earlier today.

Once again I'm watching the game a day late (in this case - several hours after Game 4 has ended!).

[Edit - 16/10/30]
Kris Bryant leaps high in the air at 3B on loop base hit to left by Naquin in the 5th - Cleveland Indians Chicago Cubs 28 10 16 - screen capture mlb advanced media

That doesn't take away from my approach to this writing assignment ... That this is shaping up as one of the best World Series in history.

A Pitching and Defence juggernaut has marked this season's postseason; a condition I believe that the history of baseball hasn't seen since the 1960's (Koufax, Gibson, Marichal ...).

The Cubs defence is better, barring continued perfection from Cleveland pitching ... .

Saturday Game.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Indians high after game one win

Indians line-up looked like they were very happy to win game one.

Perhaps they doth celebrate too much?

Gibbons summed up:

Gibbons summed up his feeling for the series in a way that reflected the way I felt he played the first game:
  • Keyword - 'Relaxed';
  • Save your bullets;
  • Rest the Staff - Let Estrada pitch the whole game;
  • Taking the pressure off - a streaking team:
  • Which had won 6 in a row;
  • Hasn't lost a game since the 3rd last game of the season, against Boston;
  • Now facing a 7 game series against a very good team - that is also streaking.

Gibbons starts with gimpy Devon Travis at 2B, Travis hops off the field in the 5th inning; enter excellent defensive replacement Ryan Goins, into what is already a pitcher's duel.

Also Gibbons did not review Pillar's line drive ground-out to 2B in the 8th with 1 On and 1 Out (see article:

So the Indians were very happy to win their 7th in row. Perhaps they shouldn't party too much. With an easy late September schedule compared to the American League East, they beat Kansas City 6 times in 2 series including the last three games of the season, but apart from those tête-à-têtes, the Clevelands lost two series in a row ... . All that is - is often not always perceived.

It's a crap shoot ... But perhaps it's an ebb and flow crap shoot?

I think Gibbons played it right.


Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling ...

More on Gibby saving bullets; letting loose while the letting loose is available?

The Jays left 8 on base tonight. Blue Jays batting with RISP: 0-5 (Martin 0-2, Bautista 0-1, Travis 0-2)

This was just one opportunity that failed to produce a run ...

Pillars line drive to right with 1 On and 1 Out in the 8th gets picked by Cleveland's Kipnis at 2nd Base ... but the throw might have been late!

No review was requested.

The video manager of the Jays did not think this worth reviewing - or perhaps Gibbons didn't ask for an opinion?

Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling; if nothing breaks that field threshold, the first run scored in the ball game can become the last run scored in the ball game - the winning run.

That's what happened tonight, one call this or that, sends ripples though the 'ether' of a game like this.

If this play had been reversed (and there was a good camera angle to over turn it) - the Jays might have broken that threshold.

Was Gibby saving bullets; not sweating the details in this away game, 1 of likely 7 in this series?

screenshot via -

The rhythm in This game was fashioned by the great start of Corey Kluber (6.1IP), and the shut-down magic of relief pitching of Andrew Miller (1.2IP - and a 0.00 ERA over 4 games this postseason).

On the opposite side, Marco Estrada provided the counterpoint, with a near perfect eight-inning complete game.

screenshot via -

TOR 0 - 2 CLE


Monday, October 10, 2016

Baseball Talk: Martin, Donaldson talk baseball with reporters

Donaldson, Martin discusses calculated gamble home; team coming together.

Martin, Donaldson on teamwork

MLB advance media - Oct 9 2106 | Martin, Donaldson on teamwork |


Josh Donaldson - mad dash to home.

Josh Donaldson post game interview is excellent:

"Josh Donaldson with a mad dash to home."


Interview man (no accreditation) --- It's a sort series - but how was this team able to answer every time seemingly, and put numbers on the board?

Donaldson --- "If I had that answer we'd do it every day. We came out, I thought we executed pretty well. They took advantage of some of our mistakes; we took advantage of some of their mistakes - it was kinda a back-and-forth battle ... kind of what everybody expected, minus the fact that we were kind of able to get the last one; and that's baseball sometimes."

mlb advanced media - Oct 9 2016 | Donaldson on walk-off win |

Their pitching had a bit of a down-spout; our pitching played amoungst their best games of their years. Their middle of the order hit a bit of a slump in the first two games; our middle of the line-up batted about .400 over 28 innings.

Here's the Jays' team batting stats as of now:

5 game series; it's a crap shoot!


They're getting better as we go forward! 

If you click on the 'Postseason' tab at the top in the image above live at espn you can look at the Baltimore Wild Card game included.

The top four are the same top four - with the addition that the man in the middle has moved up from 10 to 8.

Bullpens were evenly matched I thought.



Either it's a double play or it's the winning run ... It's the Winning Run!!!

By the time all the long shots had ceased in the 4th, I told my friend beside me at @HitchLimited that this might be amoungst the best baseball games he'd ever seen (I thought it was going to be a pitching duel with a heart-stabbing ending).

I wasn't wrong.

I'll not waste words here writing it out for you how it moved forward from there ... the line score is definitive. The teams battled back and forth until they were tied after six:

espn boxscore -

And then the 10th:

Donaldson scores the winning run

A topsy turvy game ... with the home team ascendant.


(that's how I predicted it) 


Image: espn boxscore -

Video via mlb advanced media -


Friday, October 7, 2016

It must be tough for the Toronto in their Black & White now ...

Oh Woe is me! ... the whole population of the City falling into a catharsis for 'The Team'.

For those who still separate those that love sports, and those that love art - for those who separate sport and art like there is an 'Us and Them' ...

It must be tough seeing all the folks of the City - whether they be militarist know-nothings, or reactionary homophones, or racist dip-shits about to do, perhaps, an Orlando in their dreams ...

Or those who see the Art in Baseball, those who see the community in the thing ...

For all of a sudden for all the things come together ...

Oh Woe is me!

How to understand?

There is Art in athletics - just as there is art in war.

And as there is this-in-that; we all owe our attention to all of it.

So while enjoying our greatness - also our foibles.

(all formulations that resulted in these articles are from notes taken during - on this night - the Jays' game, and the Sox' game)


@davidortiz AB in the 5th - #MLB Oct 6, 2016

#MLB Oct 6, 2016
@davidortiz AB in the 5th
2 On, 2 Out
Boston 3 - 4 Cleveland

[Brooks Baseball not showing at this posting (4:38am est).]


Despite what the Battery thinks

Russell Martin/Marco Estrada hug after the win.

I took it to say:

'I was in your corner my friend; I just didn't have a say.'

(at the end of the line of the blue jays coming off the field after the win; the difference between all the  flip this-and-that macho bullshit - is the pitcher and the catcher hugging).

Video (not available in the @MLB CASH postseason)


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Slam! WIN! See you Thursday!

Dummy on TBS: "Two bat flips in two years..."

One pitch, one swing.


The Mic Drop

Image is a screenshot of mlb advanced media | Encarnacion Walk Off Oct 4 2016 -

The crew at @hitchlimited didn't get over it for an hour.


Stroman great pick by Gibbons; plays 'up' in the play-offs; better idea than Francisco Liriano?

.. as it turns out - not my pick - but hey, I was wrong.

Marcus Stroman was brilliant.

Stroman's six solid innings 10/04/16 | 00:30

via -


The game story: Carrera RBI ties the game

Key was Carrera AB in the 5th.

Carrera singled to center, Saunders scored, Pillar to third;

Carrera RBI ties the game.

No video embed available (thanks to mlb 'advance media').


Bandwagon includes smart artzy condo dwellers east of Spadina

Crowd shot after great hit by Devon Travis - a single to left field to start the Blue Jays' rally in the bottom of the 11th:

Screenshot from


"Sub-optimal Route"

Sabermetrics gone wrong ...

Here's an excellent example of a sports journalist using Sabermetrics to try and sound smart:

Kevin Pillars' screamer down the right field line in the 5th is fielded by RF Michael Bourn excellently ... he scoops the 3-ricochet ball off the wall and fires it back to the long cut-off at 1B - stopping the runner on 2nd (Michael Saunders) from scoring ... By a long shot.

I couldn't believe the hit didn't score a run!

Video starts with Michael Saunders' double down the line in left.

Statcast: Blue Jays set up rally - 10/04/16 | 00:01:02 Statcast of the Day: Michael Saunders and Kevin Pillar hit a pair of unlikely doubles to spur a game-tying rally in the 5th

Via mlb advanced media -

So the metrician reports that Bourn's route was sub-optimal.

Well, if he's two inches further south it's pretty f*king optimal.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Congratulations you bunch of f*king depressing bandwagon jumpers.

Only Detroit can upset Toronto's post season desires.

If Toronto loses tomorrow, and Baltimore wins - and Detroit wins - Detroit will play a postponed game against the Cleveland Indians to decide who is the 2nd Wild Card in the AL.

The Indians are playing great - the Detroits are backing into a playoff spot like the Jays.

The Jays are in.

But to win, you are obviously playing to win this last game against Boston - because the Jays will play the Bostons to get to the World Series.

Congratulations you bunch of fucking depressing bandwagon jumpers.


Osuna and Martin reach an understanding

Last out is a Pedroia grounded out to second.

Cheers all about the Jays diaspora - and if you're watching, catcher Martin arrives at the mound just as Osuna turns around and they negotiate a hug - Martin wins. ;) He says (with body language),

'See, I told you!'


Boston tie Jays 3-3 on Mookie Betts excuse-me double down right field line in 8th

No video.

Because we suck at covering baseball.

leading off, Mookie Betts' stop swing ricochets the pitched ball over 1B and down the line where Carrera has trouble with it on a wet warning track.

The two-base hit scores to tie the game on Osuna's balk.


Osuna Balk!

Wait a minute. Come to a stop, then step off. Is not a balk.

The rules as described here don't address the popular diaspora. As far as I understand (and I've never called a balk in real time), if a pitcher comes to a stop with his foot on the rubber, he either has to throw the ball to the plate or step off the rubber.

Roberto Osuna stepped off the rubber. / Glossary / Rules / Balk /


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oh, Woe is me - Jays 'must win' becomes Jays "MUST WIN"

Here's the instance:

No embed available from mlb 'advanced media':

Can the Jays' keep pace with the late, consistent losing in the American League?

Let's see:



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

(I am, I am) I am Superman and I know what's happening

.. and I can do anything!

Pillar diving catch of Jonathan Schoop liner with none on and two out in the 8th.

Superman cape fans rock it for their god.
MLB screenshot Tuesday, September 27, 2016 via:

I am #Spartacus! 

R.E.M - Superman

MLB 09/27/16 Pillar's diving grab in center |


Gibbons comes into his own


everything worked


Sanchez can't pitch into October ... ?

Sanchez's 10 K's in 10 seconds

09/27/16 | 00:10

Watch all 10 of Aaron Sanchez's strikeouts against the Orioles in 10 seconds - Sanchez's 10 K's in 10 seconds |


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Is there a bias against knuckleballers within the baseball craft practitioners cult?

I always rant that RA Dickey (all knuckleballers) get short shifted in a MLB dominated by fast throwing pitchers - that knuckleballers get pulled before it is necessary based on a set of metrics in which they are by definition, outliers.

I did so again last night as Toronto Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons pulled Dickey after facing 2 batters in the bottom of the 6th in a 2-0 game.

My friend argued that Gibby takes him out not based on pitch count (or in other words - not based on metrics that can't be applied across the board to every sort of pitcher - and especially to knuckleballers) - but rather when he is no longer effective.

His point I think, was that in the 6th inning Dickey allowed 2 consecutive base hits ... so Gibby pulled him (and brought in Biagini - who bent but did not break):
Dickey gets pulled in favour of Biagini in the 6th inning - espn boxscore play-by-play TOR at LAA Sept 16 2016 -

My rejoinder was that great pitchers bend - but they do not break ... but with knuckleballers, managers always assume the light throwing pitchers are about to get slammed - so they replace them before they can prove that they can bend and not break.

My interlocutor responded that Gibby pulls him in high leverage situations with the game on the line because Dickey leads the leagues in Home Runs allowed - in other words - Gibby pulled Dickey because he was no longer effective in the specific situation last night.

Hmmm ... could he be right?

So I looked it up - and according to, my friend was correct (almost):

R.A. Dickey has allowed the 8th most Home Runs by a 2016 MLB Starting Pitcher. Dickey is 67th of 76 Starting Pitchers in Runs Allowed as of September 17, 2016.

Image via TeamRankings MLB 2016, Starting Pitchers, Home Runs Allowed - retrieved Sept 17, 2016 |

I'm still convinced there is a bias in the baseball craft practitioners cult against knuckleballers - but I'm going to have to refine my thinking on it ... because I have a baseball friend who constantly contradicts my 'knowledge' with deep reasoned arguments!

They killed Kenny! 

You Bastards!



Toronto Manager John Gibbons Trying Desperately to Hone a Team

As per my last post about how this team is not a team ... there is evidence the manager sees the same thing - not using the 40-man roster at all ... even when it would seem to be an obvious situation.

And tonight it worked...

Gibby leaves Russell Martin on the base paths after his double - to hobble around the base-paths for the insurance run ...

espn mlb Play-by-Play Sept 16 2016 Toronto Blue Jays at LA Angels -

.. despite having one of the fastest Triple-A runners in the league (Dalton Pompey) on the bench:

espn mlb Roster Sept 16 2016 Toronto Blue Jays at LA Angels -

But it all worked out ...

espn mlb Box Score Sept 16 2016 Toronto Blue Jays at LA Angels -

The dream continues.

That is all.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carrera PH Pop Celebration Makes It Intensely Obvious - This Team Is *Trying* To Believe

The 'salsa' between Carrera and Encarnacion in the dugout tries to get joined by Michael Saunders and Ryan Goins - to bad effect.

This team is 3-7 in the last 10 games - we need more than a one-off to turn this around.

Luckily the Jay's have two more bad teams in front of them after this one:

..expect that 3-7 to turn around to 7-3.

If not you may check the wildcard standings and find that this team is out of it.

Also ...

The fact that the right fielder and the third basemen are not in the line-up, and that their defensive replacements late were more 2nd-teamers ... plus Mark Shapiro's statement last week that, "All the Free Agents will go to market"

... tells this sage old fan that this team is rebuilding; and will not take on old contractual agreements - in other words - another round of corporate governance saying to team management, "You have a 5-year budget - spend it any way you wish" - so Shapiro is going to Re-set - and win or lose on his terms ... another downside of letting the great Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos go.

So this team is not trying to win ... even though they are likely to go the playoff for the second year in a row.


Also ...

On the dust-up at the end (which I leave out of the pov above):

Souza Jr. on confrontation - 09/12/16 | 00:01:12



Liriano is great again in Jays' win against Rays

Toronto Blue Jays
Pitchers        IP       H       R      ER      BB      SO      HR      PC-ST   ERA
Liriano         6.1      3       2      2       1       6       2       72-51   4.06


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jump Off The @BlueJays Bandwagon NOW!

I counted 8 'weird' plays tonight.

I have notes.
  1. LF Upton 1st
  2. C  Navarro 3rd
  3. 1B Encarnacion 3rd
  4. LF Upton 3rd
  5. C  Navaro 4th
  6. LF Upton 6th
  7. 2B Travis booted DP ball
  8. 1B Encanacion dropped ball

I'll leave it here.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Kansas City run into Blue Jays win - Martin makes Liriano 'Great Again'

'Make Liriano Great Again'

Update Sat, Aug 6, 2016: Video - Russel Martin on the battery working together again: -

Francisco Liriano finishes his first Blue Jays start with a 3.00 ERA. Liriano Comes out of the game at the end of the 6th having surrendered 3R (2 Earned) for a tie game at the time. Brett Cecil is the pitcher of record* when the winning run scores in the top of the 9th and thus sneaks the W. Thus the Martin / Liriano battery from their time together in Pittsburgh is re-birthed.

So it isn't true, 'You can never go home again' ... as long as it's a different home?

The future awaits.

Via espn boxscore -

Royals Run into Blue Jays Win

In the 9th the Royals have a runner at second with one out due to a two-base throwing error by 3rd baseman Darwin Barney (into the 1B camera bay).

Then Paulo Orlando tries to steal 3B - and gives Barney the chance to reverse his error - which he does by snagging a low skip-throw from Martin and kneeling on the bag to block the baserunner and applying the tag.

Two out.

Next batter gets a base hit to left-centre (might it have scored the Royals' centre-firlder from 2nd?).

Next batter strikes out.

Jays win.

* The Official Scorer can award the win to the 'correct' pitcher - if they have any idea what they're doing - none ever do take that chance these days (some millionaires' lawyer will likely come after them.)


List - Blue Jays' Six Man Pitching Rotation

I like lists and maps and graphics. The Blue Jays' Six Man Pitching Rotation needs to be listed - so here:

Blue Jays' 6-man rotation (ordered by Wins)

  1. Happ (15-3)
  2. Sanchez (11-1)
  3. Stroman (8-4)
  4. Dickey (8-12)
  5. Estrada (7-4)
  6. Liriano (6-11) 

The order in which they are pitching now: 

  • Liriano (6-11) (Starting tonight - Friday - at KC)
  • Sanchez (11-1) (Starting Saturday at KC)
  • Stroman (8-4) (Starting Sunday at KC)
  • Dickey (8-12) (Starting Monday vs Tampa Bay)
  • Estrada (7-4) (Starting Tuesday vs Tampa Bay)
  • Happ (15-3) (Starting Wednesday vs Tampa Bay)

"We like our Team, Barry."

So to sum-up:


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

At the break, Jays looking good

The Toronto Blue Jays are looking good at the All Star Break - having won 8 of the last 10 games on the schedule - including a 7 game win streak.

Via espn/mlb - retrieved 07/11/16

The team's starting pitching has reclaimed it's dominant position in the League with the 2nd lowest Team ERA - second only in the American League to the Cleveland Indians.

Tm        W   L  ERA    G      IP
CLE      52  36 3.63   87   801.0
TOR      51  40 3.76   90   823.2
HOU      48  41 3.87   88   813.2
SEA      45  44 3.95   88   795.1
CHW      45  43 4.02   87   789.2
KCR      45  43 4.18   87   774.2
LgAvg    45  44 4.29   88     789
BAL      51  36 4.35   86   773.0
TEX      54  36 4.42   89   806.0
BOS      49  38 4.43   86   778.0
NYY      44  44 4.45   87   771.1
LAA      37  52 4.52   88   784.1
TBR      34  54 4.57   87   773.2
DET      46  43 4.57   88   789.0
OAK      38  51 4.73   88   786.2
MIN      32  56 4.97   87   778.1
        671 657 4.29 1313 11838.1

Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/12/2016.

As well - in mid-June - the batting order started to purr.

The Jays are scoring more runs, conceding less runs, and playing pretty good defense.

Starting after a shut out loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on June 13th - the Jays scored 5 or more runs in 17 of their next 25 games up to the All Star Break - winning 16.

Leading the team with a .306 batting average, Josh Donaldson is having a career year again; and the bat of left fielder Michael Sanders, batting .298, is a pleasant surprise. Speaking of surprises, Darwin Berry at second base is hitting .296 !

And now all are re-joined by the bat of Tulowitzki, now sporting career average numbers. Since his return on June 18th - his activation off the DL(quad strain) - over those 20 games up to the break - Tulowitzki has hit .313 (25 hits in 80 at bats) with seven home runs and 20 RBI !

Encarnacion remains steady - slamming mistake pitches into the decks with god-like power. In a July 9, 2016 Sportsnet article titled, "Adjustments key to Encarnacion’s latest hot streak for Blue Jays" author Arden Zwelling writes,
" 34 games since the beginning of June he’s been one of the best hitters in baseball, batting .314/.430/.711 with 13 home runs and an even 25:25 strikeout to walk ratio."
(slash line = Batting Average / On Base Percentage / Slugging Percentage)

Pillar's contact has been better of late too, hitting .268 by the break. Pillar leads the team in at bats (plays every day), has 21 doubles, 2 triples to go with his 7 homeys.

Manager Gibbons is using tandems to fill in for Jose Bautita (injured - right big toe impact) in right field, using a combination of Ezequiel Carrera, and new guy, Junior Lake. Lake mostly comes off the bench, but gets a start in right the odd time - or a spell at first. Lake also pinch runs late in close games or in blow-outs to rest a starter.

After coming up from Buffalo in mid-June Lake had 10 AB's - and now in July - also 10. He's 2 for 4 when batting with runners in scoring position with 1 RBI. With his speed and base running smarts, he has changed the character of an innings several times. (The Blue Jays claimed Lake off waivers on December 15, 2015 from the Baltimore Orioles and was added to the active roster on June 24th.)

Starting Pitching

J.A. Happ has had 18 starts, 12 quality starts, and is 13-3 with a 3.36 ERA.

Aaron Sanchez has had 18 starts, 14 quality starts, 9-1 with a 2.97 ERA.

Marco Estrada has 16 starts, 12 quality starts, and is 5-3 with a 2.93 ERA.

Marcus Stroman has had 18 starts, 10 quality starts, is 10-7 with a 4.89 ERA.

R.A. Dickey has had 19 starts, 10 quality starts, is 7-9 with a 3.93 ERA.

Too Many Starters - Not Enough Starters

Rumor has it that Hutchinson is being looked at as a possible replacement in the starting staff for Aaron Sanchez - as sophomore-rookie's Innings Pitched totals rise to levels he has never worked before:

Aaron Sanchez IP by Year/League

2016 ... 118.1 IP (All Star Break)
2015 ..... 9.2 IP (injured - bull pen);
2014 ... 133.1 IP (100.1 IP Jays' AA, AAA clubs, 33 IP with the Blue Jays;
2013 ... 109.2 IP (A+ ball); and,
2012 .... 90.1 IP (A ball).

Drew Hutchinson started his first game in the majors since April on Thursday, July 7th - at home against Detroit in a spot start for injured starter Marco Estrada (15 Day DL) --- with some success:

Hutchison 2016                        IP  H R ER BB SO 
April 23 (Jays 6-3 Athletics)(W, 1-0) 5.2 4 2 2  3  5 
July 7th (Tigers 4-5 Jays)  (ND, 1-0) 6.0 6 3 3  1  7

The Jays immediately optioned him back to Buffalo (AAA) after the spot start.

Buffalo (triple-A) ... 87.1 IP / 6-3 / 3.13 ERA
Blue Jays (AL) ....... 12.2 IP / 1-0 / 4.97 ERA

Drew Hutchinson - Career

Year        Tm         Lg  W  L  ERA  G GS    IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO
2010   TOR-min        A-A  2  3 2.49 15 15  68.2  51  25  19  19  63
2011   TOR-min      AA+AA 14  5 2.53 28 27 149.1 120  51  42  35 171
2012   TOR-min         AA  2  1 2.16  3  3  16.2  16   4   4   3  12
2012       TOR         AL  5  3 4.60 11 11  58.2  59  31  30  20  49
2013   TOR-min FalAAAA+AA  2  5 4.26 16 15  57.0  54  32  27  20  62
2014       TOR         AL 11 13 4.48 32 32 184.2 173  92  92  60 184
2015   TOR-min        AAA  0  1 4.50  1  1   4.0   3   2   2   3   4
2015       TOR         AL 13  5 5.57 30 28 150.1 179 103  93  44 129
2016   TOR-min        AAA  6  3 2.78 15 15  87.1  62  30  27  31  97
2016       TOR         AL  1  0 4.97  3  2  12.2  13   7   7   4  12
4 Yrs                     30 21 4.92 76 73 406.1 424 233 222 128 374
162 Game Avg.             14 10 4.92 35 33   185 194 106 101  58 171

Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/12/2016.

Just who will replace Sanchez in the starting rotation is as yet unclear. Manager John Gibbons has recently mentioned Jesse Chavez and Joe Biagini.

Relief Pitching

Roberto Osuna has appeared in 39 games and is 2-1 with 18 Saves in 39.2 IP; he has a very good Strike Outs per 9IP ratio of 10.89 with a 2.27 ERA

Jason Grilli appears to be the Set-up pitcher for the Closer Osuna (15 appearances, 13.2 IP, 2 Wins, 1 Loss, 1 Save and 4 Holds, 2.63 ERA)

Jesse Chavez doesn't seem to have a specific role on this team - he's brought in whenever Gibby thinks he needs him / thinks he can get away with using him: sometimes that's as a pitcher/batter match-up in a key situation; sometimes for one inning - or two; but most often he's asked to get 4 or 5 outs. Recently Gibby used him for 3 innings! Chavez has played in 33 games, has 9.17 K/9IP resulting in 0-2 win/loss record, 7 Holds and a 3.41 ERA.

Joe Biagini gets the ball for 1 or 2 innings and in May was very stingy with the runs allowed; but in June began to get into trouble more often and gave up sometimes multiple runs - sometimes without getting any outs! In July, with 4 appearance, he seems to be back to completing his innings while giving up a run, but not breaking. Biagini has 31 appearances, is 3-1 with a Save and 2 Holds with an excellent 2.91 ERA.

Drew Storen  has been given the ball for 3 outs and that's all he gets. He gets through innings by giving up hits but limiting the damage (when he's on), other times he gets into trouble and can't get himself out of it and multiple runs cross the plate. Storen has made 26 appearances, is 1-3 with 3 Saves and 8 Holds with a 5.63 ERA

Gavin Floyd - 4.06 ERA
Brett Cecil - 5.14 ERA
Chad Girodo - 4.35 ERA

All stats: Baseball Reference |

Sportsnet July 9, 2016 | Adjustments key to Encarnacion’s latest hot streak for Blue Jays - by Arden Zwelling |


Monday, April 4, 2016

Blue Jay's 1st Win ushers in spring storm.

#BBBA - Baseball Bloggers Alliance

Blue Jay's 1st Win under the Dome in Florida ushers in spring storm in Toronto.

All is as it appeared to be in last year's playoff run; the Blue Jays - economically, and team-wise - look exactly like the team that lost in game 6 of the 2015 ALCS ...

Except for the snow sliding sideways in Toronto at the time.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Exiled MLB pitcher, Bill Lee on Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders:

Via Wicked Local Waltham - Needham, Massachusetts - October 14, 2015

At SouthCoast Business Expo, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee gets down to business — eventually

By Kevin P. O'Connor, Herald News Staff Reporter

Exiled MLB pitcher Bill Lee on Bernie Sanders:

He was asked how he thought his neighbor, Bernie Sanders, did in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate.

“This is going to be taped for the second Democratic debate,” he said. “I’m going against Hillary.”

Sanders, he said, is a hippie who migrated to Vermont in the 1960s and stayed.

“Bernie came up from New Jersey,” Lee said. “I guarantee he was hiding from something.

“When you are a Republican, you are born with really short arms. Sort of like a Tyrannosaurus rex. Your arms are too short to reach your pockets.”

He just called Hillary a dinosaur. :)