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Live Blog Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees, 2009 World Series Game 6

I'm planning to Live Blog Phillies @ Yankees, 2009 World Series Game 6, Wednesday, November 4, 2009 here at Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs.

2009 World Series - Game 6
November 4, 2009
Yankee Stadium, Bronx New York, New York

Probable Starting Pitchers:
Philadelphia Phillies, P. Martinez
New York Yankees, A. Pettitte

First Pitch 8:00 PM

Starting line-ups updated @ 7:10
(info @ ESPN Preview)

Weather info: Google (Search: Weather + Bronx + New York, USA).

Conditions @ 7:19 PM
9°C 48°F
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 14 km/h
Humidity: 54%

Photo credit:, through their facebook application.

This is an actual photograph of the moon tonight, from NASA.

The 2 Yankee Stadia from spring 2009
Photo credit:

Starting lineups:

Philadelphia Phillies

1. J Rollins SS
2. S Victorino CF
3. C Utley 2B
4. R Howard 1B
5. J Werth RF
6. R Ibanez DH
7. P Feliz 3B
8. B Francisco LF
9. C Ruiz C


New York Yankees

1. D Jeter SS
2. J Damon LF
3. M Teixeira 1B
4. A Rodriguez 3B
5. H. Matsui DH
6. H. Posada C
7. R Cano 2B
8. N Swisher RF
9. B Gardner CF

Top of the 1st

Due up:
1. J Rollins SS
2. S Victorino CF
3. C Utley 2B

Rollins 6-3 oops.
Victorino a dribbler up the 3rd base line Pettitte fields it but no play.
Utley hits into a double play 6-4-3.

Phillies 0
Yankees 0

Bottom of the 1st

Due up:
1. D Jeter SS
2. J Damon LF
3. M Teixeira 1B

Mound meeting... ..Pedro taking forever to throw the ball.
Jeter fly out to left
Damon K swinging
No fastballs yet... Psych!!
Teixeira FO-9
Fastball ---> 81 mph

Phillies 0
Yankees 0

Top of the 2nd

Due up:
4. R Howard 1B
5. J Werth RF
6. R Ibanez DH

Howard Teixeira fields the ball in foul ground, fair ball, runs to the bag - 3UA.
Werth BB
Ibanez broken bat pop to right FO-9. Werth stays put.
Balk (NOT) Posada can't control the ball in the dirt Werth to 2nd.
Feliz 3-1 pitch Pop 2-UA.

Bottom of the 2nd

Due up:
4. A Rodriguez 3B
5. H. Matsui DH
6. H. Posada C

Rodriguez (has been hit by pitch 3 times in WS). BB
I think the Yankees retaliated in the 7th or 8th on Monday I'll look it up...
Matsui quick pitch doesn't work... foul slam misses the 1st base ump by THAT much, then he makes one of those foul calls arms spread like the safe call. POINT FOUL PLEASE!
Matsui 3-2 pitch,,, HR. 8th pitch of the at-bat goes fair by the foul pole, an 87 mph fastball(?). 2rbi
no one out 2 runs in...
Posada K swinging fools him good.
Cano line drive 4-UA
Swisher, that was a very nice looking slider with lots of velocity.
Next pitch fly to 7
Pedro starting to warm up on this cool night?

Phillies 0
Yankees 2

Top of the 3rd

8. B Francisco LF
9. C Ruiz C
1. J Rollins SS
Announcers going on and on about how Pedro must be injured sick etc..
Is the insider info they must have part of a play?

Francisco out 5-3
Pettitte doesn't look warm either.
Ruiz a triple tlefy centre the ball kicks away from Gardner and Ruiz turns it on rounding 2nd base, no through from the cut-off man Jeter.
Rollins hit the ball deep enough to Nick Swisher to bring home Ruiz, cut by Cano.
Victorino ground ball out.

Phillies 1
Yankees 2

Bottom of the 3rd

9. B Gardner CF
1. D Jeter SS
2. J Damon LF

Gardner, K swinging
Announcers thinking maybe Pedro isn't so hurt after all...
Jeter, did he catch that? couldn't tell first time I see it - bounce scoop on the close-up re-play. Victorino made a good try, base hit.
Damon's having a good at-bat.
Announcer: 'Bud Selig doing everything he can to spread the game around the world...'
Damon BB
..Immediately I'm thinking except allowing content to spread around the World Wide Web!!! Think of the long tail that would appear in a flash
Teixeira hit by pitch
Bullpen is warming...
Bases loaded for...
A Rodriguez! yikes... K looking! after some historonics by Pedro and Ruiz - then pulled the glove in to fool the umpire... ..Lucky.
Matsui... Base hit to centre Victorino comes in on it nicely throws good hit the cut off man in front of the mound. Jeter and Damon score.
Posada FO-7

Phillies 1
Yankees 4

Top of the 4th

3. C Utley 2B
4. R Howard 1B
5. J Werth RF

Johnny Damon strained a ham-string coming home in the last inning
Announcers: Cold weather maybe? Ya..

Utley 2-2 pitch coming,
42 pitches by Pettitte...
Utley 2-2 pitch again... ..K swinging.
Official: Johnny Damon pulled a calf muscle (missed who's in centre for him)
Announcers: Cold weather maybe?

Howard... ..looper to Cano 4-UA.
Werth, BB
Posada can't corral a ball in the dirt Ibanez swinging lazily, Werth takes 2nd.
Ibanez, BB
Runners 2nd & 1st. 2 outs.
Feliz, 5-3
Pettitte throws 25 pitches in that adventure, think he caught Pedros' pitch count.

Bottom of the 4th

7. R Cano 2B
8. N Swisher RF
9. B Gardner CF

Pettitte has a long talk with the plate ump during the commercial break.

Cano FO-7 back against the wall.
Swisher Swish! strike one ;)
Swisher, 3-2 pitch, K swinging.
Gardner at the plate
Pedros off-speed pitch show 78 mph!
Gardner line drine to Utley LD-4.

Top of the 5th

8. B Francisco LF
9. C Ruiz C
1. J Rollins SS

Looks like Manuel just told Pedro he's done.
His face looks like he's got a temperature, the flu
Chad Durban warming in the pen.

Francisco K looking
Ruiz BB
Rollins double play 5-4-3.

Bottom of the 5th

1. D Jeter SS
2. J Hairston Jr. LF in for the injured J Damon defensively in the top of the 4th inning.
3. M Teixeira 1B

Chad Durban in to pitch for Phillies.

Jeter Gound-rule double bounces over the centre field fence.
Hairston bunts down the 1st base line moves Jeter over to 3rd 1-3 nicely played by Durban.
Teixeira base hit to right centre Jeter strolls home.
Rodreguez looked like ball four hit him. Umpire called BB.
J.A. Happ (lefty) in to pitch, replaces Durban.
Matsui to face him
Matsui 3-1 pitch double off the wall in right centre Victorino miss-plays the bounce and Werth is too close on the back-up over both ther head, two runs score - Teixeira and Rodreguez Matsui on second, with 6 RBI!
Posada K looking.
Cano 3-2 pitch fouled into the catchers' mit, strike 3.

Phillies 1
Yankees 7

Top of the 6th

2. S Victorino CF
3. C Utley 2B
4. R Howard 1B

Matsui has 6 RBI! He scored for the seventh, he was on base, so he Couldn't have gotten the other RBI.

Victorino 6-3
Utley batting
Pettitte has thrown 86 pitches.
Utley BB
Howard HR to straight away centre field, the wind got a hold of it by the look of the way Gardner approached the high fly ball. 2RBI.
Werth at the yummy dish. K looking! Painted it. Geradi was out told him to finish it up. Seemed to centre him at any rate.
Ibanez hits a double down the right field line.
Pettitte is Gone. Joba (?) Chamberlain in.
Interesting name Joba?
Feliz 5-3

Phillies 3
Yankees 7

Bottom of the 6th

From AnswerBlog

What kind of name is Joba???
Joba Chamberlain (pronounced "jah-buh") (born Justin Chamberlain, September 23, 1985, in Lincoln, Nebraska).
According to Yankees television sportscaster Michael Kay, Joba's niece was unable to pronounce the name Justin correctly, pronouncing it as Joba instead and he grew to prefer this name. He eventually had his name legally changed to Joba.
8. N Swisher RF
9. B Gardner CF
1. D Jeter SS

Swisher BB
Gardner is trying to bunt Swisher into scoring position. 1-2 now no more bunt now.
1-2 pitch strike three - that was really badly done. :(

Chan Ho Park coming in to pitch to Jeter. 1 on, 1 out
Jeter bounder to 1st Howard starts the play to Rollins. FC 4-6. Jeter on 1st.
Jerry Hairston Jr. at the plate. Hits the ball down 3rd base way Feliz has to make a play on what is a foul ball. nice!
Hairston back at the plate. Pop to right FO-9

Top of the 7th

8. B Francisco LF
9. C Ruiz C
1. J Rollins SS

Francisco K swinging.
Announcer says Phillie hasn't had the lead off man on All night.
Ruiz base hit to centre field! Yay!
Rollins FC 4-6. Rollins on 1st.
Victorino at the plate . Rollins steals 2nd 2-6 Close play!
Victorino BB

Gerardi coming out to pull Joba.
Marte coming in to face The Utley.
Rivera is up stretching a little Yoga to begin for the Yogi of Saves.

Utley Posada asks the ump to check with the 3rd base ump did Utley swing through that pitch... It was close... Yes he did!
End of inning.

I'm playing Kathleen Edwards - Back to me.

Bottom of the 7th

3. M Teixeira 1B
4. A Rodriguez 3B
5. H. Matsui DH

Teixeira K swinging
A-Rod slow dribble between 3rd and 2nd. E-6! Rollins thinks Feliz is going to field it and misses the slow rolling ball behind his glove.
Scored a base hit
Scott Eyre in.
Matsui up K swinging on the appeal to the 3rd base ump. Very Close.
Posada gets an Intentional walk.

Thought they would have intentionally walked Matsui and pitched to Posada - he's Hurting you can see it when he's behind the plate - his knees are killing him.
Runner 2nd and 1st, 2 out.

Cano to see some pitches 2-2 pitch,
Strike three swinging.

Merte is coming back out to start the top of the 8th.

Phillies 3
Yankees 7

Top of the 8th

4. R Howard 1B
5. J Werth RF
6. R Ibanez DH

Howard (bats left) faces Marte.
WS record is 12 K. K looking. Howard just broke that record. 13th K of this World Series.
Rivera coming in to face Werth (a right handed batter).

Werth K swinging.
Ibanes hits a double one bounce to the wall in straight away centre field 408 feet out after a 9 pitch at bat. Beautiful at bat.
Feliz pops to Posada behind the plate to the 1st base side. FO-2 (foul).

Bottom of the 8th

8. N Swisher RF
9. B Gardner CF
1. D Jeter SS

I should mention the names of the Fox announcers as I've been quoting them quite a lot, mainly anaylist and former major league pitcher Tim McCarver and professional announcer Joe Buck.

Swisher 5-3
Gardner out.
Madden # 46 in to pitch to Jeter
Jeter, base hit, a scorcher to right.
Hairston pops to Rollins deep behind 3rd base, nice catch.

Top of the 9th

8. B Francisco LF
9. C Ruiz C
1. J Rollins SS

Matt Stairs ph for Francisco Line drive to short. LD-6
Ruiz 3-2 pitch, BB (2 walks single and a triple 2 for 2).
Rollins deep fly ball to Nick in right, at the edge of the track.
Victorino at the plate Ruiz take 2nd uncontested.
Victorino 2-2 pitch, foul, fou,l pop foul, line drive foul. 3-2 pitch, 4-3.

Phillies 3
Yankees 7


Monday, November 2, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 5 LiveBlog Starts at < 8:00 EST - Right Here

Probable Starting Pitchers:
New York, A.J. Burnett
Philadelphia, C. Lee
First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

I'm planning to LiveBlog Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 5, Monday, November 2, 2009 here at Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs.

Those who came by for Game 4 I'm sorry about not posting in the 3rd 4th and 5th - I had family responsibilities. Tomorrow nights game will be LiveBlog from the first pitch to the last out.

Also I'm going to try and post starting line-ups for both teams - to make it easier to follow along. As well I'm going bold up the inning markers and high-light changes in the score to give this LiveBlog a 'game-at-a-glance' look.


Probable Starting Pitchers:
New York, A.J. Burnett
Philadelphia, C. Lee
First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

Probable Starting line-ups
2009 World Series - Game 5
November 2, 2009
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

First Pitch: 8:00 PM EST

Oh my god, it's a full moon.

This is going to be a wild game!

Photo credit:, through their facebook application.

This is an actual photograph of the moon tonight, from NASA.

Starting line-ups:(update 7:59)

New York Yankees

D Jeter SS
J Damon LF
M Teixeira 1B
A Rodriguez 3B
N Swisher RF
R Cano 2B
B Gardner CF
J. Molina C
A.J. Burnett P 2+ innings, 2.0 IP 6 runs

@ Philadelphia Phillies

J Rollins SS
S Victorino CF
C Utley 2B
R Howard 1B
J Werth RF
R Ibanez LF
P Feliz 3B
C Ruiz C
C. Lee P

Top of the 1st

Jeter out 4-3.
Damon base hit to right.
Teixeira fly out to right.
Rodriguez double to the right field corner, Damons scores. RBI
Swisher walks runners on 2nd & 1st.
Cano slices the ball to left for the third out.

Yankees 1
Phillies 0

Bottom of the 1st

Due up:
J Rollins lines the ball up the middle right back from whence it came, base hit. Stealing...
S Victorino shows bunt. Is hit by the first pitch!! with Rollins running. Runners on 2nd and 1st.
Purpose pitch for sure.
C Utley sends one out of the park to straight away right. 2 RBI 3 runs score.
R Howard, BB Pitching coach out to settle Burnett.
J Werth Molina lets one get away Werth waves the runner, doesn't go.
Werth strikes out.
1 out.
R Ibanez one bounce scorcer to 1st Teixeira throws to Jeter but Burnett is standing watching and doesn't get to the bag in time to get the return throw.
FC runners at 3rd and 1st. 2 out.
P Feliz slow grounder to Jeter who throws him out 6-3.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Top of the 2nd

Due up:
B Gardner
J. Molina
A.J. Burnett

B Gardner is FAST! grounds to 1st 3-UA but Gardner almost beats him to the bag!
1 out.
J. Molina strokes one to Feliz who plants and throws,
2 out.
A.J. Burnett K looking(funny).

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Bottom of the 2nd

Due up:
8. C Ruiz C
9. C. Lee P
1, J Rollins SS

Ruiz 3-1 pitch, he takes it?? (right down the middle slow?) 3-2 pitch, Strike 3. hmm.
Lee first pitch slow grounder 3-UA.
2 out.
Rollins 3-1 pitch, BB
1 on, 2 out.
Rollins had a big lead on Victorinos' pop up pitch to SS.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Top of the 3rd

Top of the order due up.
Jeter 5-3
1 out.
Damon BB
1 out, 1 on.
Teixeira 1-2 strike pitch, FC 5-4.
2 out, 1 on.
Rodriguez HIGH fly to right centre,
3 out 1 LOB.

Yankees 1
Phillies 3

Bottom of the 3rd

Due up:
R Howard
J Werth

Utley BB steals 2nd.
Howard 1-1 pitch misses. another miss, now 3-2 pitch misses. BB
Runners on 2nd and 1st. no outs.
Werth base hit up the middle ball is cut at the mound run score runners at 2nd and 1st no outs.
Ibenez stokes one to right Howard scores Werth to 3rd.
No outs. 2 runs are in, runners on 3rd and 1st.
Burnetts' night is over.
Feliz pops half way down the first base line caught fair, one out.
Ruiz FC 6-4-3 Ruiz beats the relay. Werth scores.
1 on, 2 out.
Lee, base hit to right. Runners 2nd and 1st.
Rollins K looking at an off speed pitch right down the middle.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Top of the 4th

Due up:
N Swisher
R Cano
B Gardner

Swisher line drive out.
Cano gound out.
Gardner 6-3, Ump didn't like the way Howard stretched off the bag to meet the throw in my opinion.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 4th

S Victorino 4-3
C Utley 6-3
R Howard 2-2 pitch coming up. K
J Werth on deck.
Robertson pitching for the Yankees (sorry).
Howard, K swinging.

Yankees 1
Phillies 6

Top of the 5th

Due up:
J. Molina nope Posada pinch hitting and in at catcher.
D Robertson ?

Posada 4-3
Hinski batting? Hinski BB
Jeter line drive base hit to right along the line, Hinski to third.
Runners at 3rd and 1st, 1 out 2 on.
Damon in the box. Bouncer to Howard, he looks like he just woke up doesn't look Hinski back at 3rd, he scores. Howard steps on the bag and then fakes a throw to 2nd the finnaly looks at thrid but the bag is empty. hmm.
Teixeira grounds out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 5th

Due up:
R Ibanez
P Feliz

Werth Gardner doesn't know where the wall is as he goes into the jut-out in left centre - and he lunges at the last minute and Hits the wall HARD. Wind knocked out of him it looks like. FO-8.
1 out.
Ibanez 3-UA
Filex line drive out.

8 pitches for #91 who is that?

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Top of the 6th

Yankee pitcher is Alfredo Aceves, I think. (Google search.)

A Rodriguez out to Werth in right.
Lees' given up only 3 Hits so far...
N Swisher at the plate. A deep drive to left centre field.
2 outs.
R Cano settles in and slices the second pitch he sees to centre for a base hit. The ball had so much spin on it Victorino has to be real careful getting in front of it.
1 on, 2 outs.
Gardner K looking on a sweet pitch.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 6th

Due up:
8. Ruiz
9. Lee
1. Rollins

Confirmed that it's Yankee pitcher Alfredo Aceves

Ruiz flys to Nick in right, 1 out.
Lee batting for himself... nice swing on a foul to the left side. Lee is out, K swinging.
Rollins is ready. 4th at-bat already - point out the Fox announcers. Rollins slices the ball just out of the reach of Cano diving to his right.
Victorino to take his chances. Ball skips to the back stop scored a wild pitch Rollins to 2nd. Victorino is out a bang bang play at first, real close, he's out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Top of the 7th

Due up:
H Posada C
A Aceves P Jerry Hairston Jr to pinch hit
D Jeter SS

Posada wanted a time out (twice) but the ump wouldn't give it to him strike strike and painteed strike three!
1 out.
Hairston: Pop to shallow centre.
2 out.
Jeters' turn...The 0-1 is Lees' 100th pitch, next one is a ball, 1-1. Broken bat pop to 2nd.

I'm playing something by the foo fighters..

Yankees 2
Phillies 6

Bottom of the 7th

Foo Fighters - Times Like These played the whole song with the commercial break and all!

Now pitching for the Yankees left-hander # 48...Phil Coke. (Google search)

Chase Utley powers one over the centre field wall
Howard to the dish... he offers just over half way and that means he is out 12K's in WS.
Werth will give it a try. Well hit to that Jag in centre, not that deep out.
2 outs.
Ibanez...GONE and you knew it RIGHT away - off the second deck advertisement for those American made cars...

Now welcoming Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes to the A.J. Burnett show...

Feliz strikes out.

Yankees 2
Phillies 8

Top of the 8th

Due up:

Ben Fransisco (sorry) in to play CF for Victorino who looks like he's got a broken index finger on jis throwing hand. Injured in an at bat in the 3rd I think.

Damon a several hopper to Rollins but he can't come up throwing - foot work? grip? Damon is very fast but...?

Teixeira doubles to the corner in left, Damon to third.

2 on, no one is out. Did Damon just start something like he did last night with the double steal?

A-Rod a line drive to left Ibanez seems to be blinded , maybe the ball is coming out of the lights it drops off the heel his glove and Damon and Teixeira come into score a double for A-Rod.

Now the Phillies pulling Lee, this is a mistake. The defence has to get angry. they lazing out there like sometimes you see in a no hitter, their in the head-lights!

Swisher hit the ball to the right (sic) side 4-3, moves Alex to third with 1 out.

Cano looks like a windmill in Holland on the first pitch. Pop to Fransico in centre. 2 out

CF didn't run into the ball to make the catch so A-Rod comes home pushing the envelope! The winning team seems slow and useless as they win.

Gardner pops to centre end the frame

Yankees 4
Phillies 8

Bottom of the 8th

P Hugheout M Stairs to pinch hit

Ruiz gets a seeing eye base hit up the middle.
M Stairs with a runner on. The "middle aged Canadian" hits a slow double play ball Cano who puts in the work and beats Stairs with throw to first flying through the air to do it. The Yankees are at regular speed compared to the phillies slow motion it seems. Of coarse the is the idea that I'm being subjective, seeing things I fear are happening. I've just seen the Yankees come back too many times to breath easy.

Next batter is out.

Yankees 5
Phillies 8

Top of the 9th

Myers pitching

Matsui ph

Posada hit the ball off the top of the wall, Werth miss-plays the ball but Fransico is backing him up nicely. Double for Mr. Posada.
Godzilla to the dish. Ground ball base hit to left Posada to third, taking no chances...

With the pitching change earlier and now with no lefty warming for Damon, I think the young Joe Geradi is out managing his opponent. Announcer calling the situation "a mess".

Jeter 2-1 hit into a double play 6-4-3, Posada scores. 2 out.

Damon 0-2 count fouls one off... and again...1-2 count Damon taking his time getting back in the box 2-2 count. Damon hits the ball up the middle base hit to centre!

I'm scared Teixeira up.

Damon steals 2nd uncontested.

Teixeira 1-2 pitch STRIKE 3!

Yankees 6
Phillies 8


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 4 LiveBlog Starts at < 8:00 EST - Right Here

I'm planning to LiveBlog Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 4, November 1, 2009 at 8:00 EST Here at Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs.

Due to unforeseen responsibilities else-where tonight's LiveBlog of 2009 World Series Game 4 Yankees @ Phillies will not proceed.

On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 8:00 PM the 2009 World Series Game 5 I promise I will be back with a LiveBlog.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


2 runs in Cano at the plate, he flies out.

2 - 0 Sabathia comng out to defend a lead.

Due to unforeseen responsibilities is the birthday party of my Nephew, But since I'm listening to the game on ESPN Radio, I'm going to blog a little.

This is not going to be a LiveBlog,( dinner's ready in a few minutes), but I'll lay down some observations as we go into this exciting game 4.

Damon can't make the catch on Victorino's looper in shallow left centre, a double to begin the game for the Phillies.

Chase Utley at the bat. Hits a double! Yeh! run scores. Left-center off the top of the wall.

Ryan Howard is out swinging.

Jason Worth gets an intentional pass with 2 outs. Wondering what the temperature is; Does Sabathia the old man need more time to warm up in this November night.

Ibanez out on strikes.

My friend Chris's HTC diamond cell phone app. tells us the temp in Phillie right now is 11 degrees.

Sabathia's at the plate now, love this the natinal league is so cool.

End of inning as Sabathia strikes out swinging.


Well here we go the death of this live Blog, for now; dinners ready and the table needs setting, be back soon...


Ruiz 3 - 1 count to ss 6-3 out.


Sabathia 1,2,3.

Jeter coming up to start the 3rd.


Here's a link from faithful surfer nonk9 a LiveBlog of the game which is sweet!



OK this Live Blog is back on.

Yankees 4
Phillies 2

Top of the 6th

Swisher walks off Joe Blanton. Melky Cabrera settles into the box. One on. two out.

Melky grounds to 1st, pitcher covering; 3-1. End of the top of the sixth.


Ibenez due up.

Milky strained a ham-string running out the grounder. Gardner in to play centre field.

Park warming in the bull pen

Ibenez out 1,2,3. Sabathia in the grove.


Filez on with a base hit.

Ruiz up.

Grounder to Cano throws to 1st forthe out 2 out. Filez to second.


Franscisco pinch hit line drive to Gardner in centre.

Top of the seventh.


Sabathia drives the ball to right, Jason Worth catches it.
Jeter to the plate. Jeter: 2 hits, rbi so far. He draws a walk.

Damon to the box. Swinging strike 3. 2 out.


Notice the 'other' Live Blog has it wrong Sabathia is still in the game as he just batted.

Teixeira grounds out.

Middle of the 7th; here comes that song, that's when I turn down the volume on the radio network I'm not plugging right now...


Sabathia startingthe inning.

Rollins, Victorino, Utley to begin what will indubitably be a big inning for the Phillies. ;)

Rollins sees a change to start. Now fastball misses. He's tired. Next pitch wild high 92 pitches.

Line drive, A-Rod knocks it down keeps it in front of him and throws for the out. 1 out.


Victorino smashes the ball to right but Nick catches it; right at him. :(

Chase. maybe he'll chase Sabathia with a homie?

Home run. ;) AND that is all for Sabathia. This young manager learns from his mistakes he's going to be good. Maybe as good as Torre.

Yankees 4
Phillies 3


Howard at the plate on the mound is Muerte. high fly to Johnny in left. 3rd out.

The 8th.


A-Rod at the plate. Madson pitching.

K! swinging.

Posada to the plate.


Posada batting left... working the count, a good at bat 3-1 now.

Posada walks.

Ayre warming in the pen.

Cano hits a seeing eye blooper deep near the line in left, Rollins almost gets there. Runners on 2nd and 1st.

Swisher up. K LOOKING! 2 out.

Gardner to the plate.

Godzilla on deck - going to hit in the pitchers spot.

Gardner pops to shallow left; Rollins get there. third out bottom of the 8th coming up


Chamberlain pitching. wind in from centre field.

Worth K swinging.

Ibanez... K swinging :(

Feliz 3-2 swing batter GONE!!!

Yankees 4
Phillies 4



Chamberlain missed with the homer pitch mistake but Feliz did not.

Ruiz out swinging.


One out (Matsui pinch hit) no one on, Jeter at the plate... K swinging on a sweet slider out of the zone Jeter pissed.


Lidge pitching

Tic.. he stays alive.

3-2...foul out of play...

3-2...foul out of play...

8 pitches, base hit to right on the ninth pitch of the at-bat good at-bat.

Damon steals 2nd - with the shift on for Teixeira no one was at third! Damon gets up and takes third. Great base running - could be the game!


Teixeira hit by pitch runners 3rd and 1st.

Alex Rodriguez at the plate... double to the wall in left Damon scores Teixeira to 3rd.

Yankees 5
Phillies 4


Posada... hits the ball to the gap, two runs score, Posada thrown out trying to make a single into a double.

Bottom of the ninth...

Yankees 7
Phillies 4



Teixeira gound ball to his left unassisted. one out. 2 outs to play with for the Phillies.


Pop 3-UA


Victorino... 3-UA!??? A Teixeira ninth.


Yankees 7

Yankees lead the series 3 games to 1.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 3 LiveBlog @ Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs

Here we are, 'virtually' in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia and actually in Toronto. This LiveBlog is a new idea to me; I write down as it's happening, in real time my observations, analysis, opinions and - if they're good - re quotes from the Fox Sports announcers. When I complete an idea and there's a break in the action I record the time and push the 'Publish Post' button in Blogger.


Rain Delay?!

I don't listen to the pre-game babble so I've just noticed a bug in the corner of the screen that says, "Rain Delay".

I'm going to the University of Wisconsin s Satellite weather data portal to see how long this might last...


The weather map said no game; but you don't need a weather map to see there's a Game On!

Wo-who baseball!

Yankees 1,2,3 in the top of the first.


Andy Petite is pitching.

Off the glove! A-Rod to his right - exactly (opposite side) as the game 2, 2nd inning hit/error. Ruled a base hit - but off the glove?? - come on - E-5 in this universe.


Announcers saying Andy Petite balks a lot. With a runner on first if you look like your coming to the plate but instead throws to first its a 'balk', the runner gets a free pass to second. But MLB ain't calling it apparently Petite is too big a star to have to play with-in the rules.

Rollins just stole on him anyway.


On calling the a balk I've heard an umpire say that if the pitchers front foot comes down on the plate-side of an imaginary line between the rubber and the first base bag then it's a balk. Petites foot ALWAYS comes down to the plate side of that line when he throws to the bag. hmmm...


Petite on his 20th pitch + the throw-overs. 21st pich is a strike end of the first inning. 0 R's, 1 - LOB.


Ooops, Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels walked A-Rod leading off the 2nd.

FC out at second, one out, Posada at first. Slick conditions or it's a double play.

Cano K swinging.

Pop 9

0 - 0 middle of the second.

Was thinking I could score the game but that would be boring, less detail More.


What the f*ck is a Sports Hernia?? You either have a hernia or you don't.

Jason Worth homie to left centre. 0 - 1.


Mere mortals guts spill out of their body-cavity; MLB players have "Sports Hernias".

Pedro Feliz doubles High off the wall over Nick Swisher. Thought it was gone!


Hammel bunts to the third base side, Petite gets in the way of Posada, Posada doesn't seem to take command, looks like he's trying to make a point about Petites ego. It's Posadas ball all the way because the play's at third, right in front of Posada!

Bases loaded

Next batter walks, rbi, 0 - 2.

Sac-fly deep to Damon in left - runner saunters home. 0 - 3.


Petites coming un-hinged.

Gets a K looking; out of a weird inning Yankees coming up top of the 3rd.


The 'un-hinged?' Petite is at the plate - one out, no-one on. 4 -3. 2 out.

Jeter delays getting into the batters box to make sure Petite has a chance to take off his batting gloves, relax a second; just in case Jeters first swing is an out. This guy is a consummate baseball player at any given moment he's aware of All the permutations.

Line out to right.


Petite 9 pitches 1,2,3.


...Teixeira walks with 1 out.

A-Rods in a dog house up there. Double off the wall, controversy. It seemed to hit the fence along the top of the wall. Nope - hits INSIDE the visor of the camera sticking into the field of play. Home Run. A-Rod is video re-play out of the dog house. 2 - 3.

When did video re-play come to MLB?


What's the rule?

Camera is like:

-an umpire - the ball is dead?
-the old yellow line - home run?
-a fan reaching in - dead ball?

Computer crashed.

Suffice it to say Petite batted a blooper to centre. Swisher who had hit the ball over the bag at third for a double - scores. Then another blooper to centre that gets by the centre fielder; then a Damon line drive to the wall makes it 3 - 5.


Starting pitcher Cole Hamel's out, seemed the Yankees began hitting every thing he threw up there.

Damon at second, Teixeira on fist A-Rod line drive out to centre. 2 out 2 on.

Posada at the plate, Can Mr. Clutch open this up, put it away for the Yankees here in the 5th?
I guess there wasn't enough pressure for Posada he pops to 2nd.


Shane Victorino reaches way out in front of himself and serves a ball into centre. Out. Petite's got 'em off balance.
Petite makes a good run to first and receives a lateral from Teixeira splayed out to stop a hit ball to his right. 2 out.
Pop to Jeter.
Petite 11 pitches 1,2,3.


Swisher up 1 out nobody on. 3 -2 pitch leaves the yard to centre! 6 - 3.

Melky Cabrera out.

Petites batting. 2 out nobody on. K swinging.


nonk9 is on board welcome.

Jason Worth over the fence and Through the second deck facade! 6 - 4.


Ibanez out.

Feliz swung but Posada didn't ask for an appeal... ..3-2 count now. Slider DOWN and IN swinging K Posada tags him for the out. 2 down.

C, Ruiz up

100 pitches for Petite.

Ruiz walks pitching coach out.


Bruntlett at the plate. Pops to Nick in right.

Top of the 7th coming up.


Jeter out to right.
Started Raining - pretty hard right now.
Perhaps the pitcher can't get a grip, walks Johnny Damon. 4 - 0.


Teixeira up, one on one out.
Damon steals second on the Teixeira K 2 - 6, bang - bang. Good call.
A-Rod up 2 out runner on second. A-Rod hit by pitch!
Is it close enough that Posada can be Mr. Clutch this time?

.328 with runners in scoring position this year. Love this guy.

Rain seems to have slowed.

Blooper to left! Base hit, Damon scores runners at 2nd and 1st.

Mr Clutch.


Yankees 8 - Phillies 4 :(

Cano out looking.
Bottom of 7 coming up after I turn down the volume for the song.


Rollins out to Johnny in shallow left-centre, right in front of an acquiescing Cabrera.

Hopper to 4 - 3, 2 out.

Utley out to deep right- centre field.


All my November s Pete Rose once said, or was it October... ?

Hey did I say it was 8-4 earlier? I mistyped - but that's all fixed because Godzilla just hit a line drive homer to left.


Yankees 8 Phillies 4

Godzilla pinch hitting in the ninth spot.

Jeter out.


Raining a little more now
Swisher out Melky Cabrera moves to right field, new centre-fielder for the Yanks.

Phillies 8th: 1 out

Jason Worth at the plate. Called strike three.

Temp down to 50 Fahrenheit harder on the batters than pitchers.


Line drive to A-Rod.


Yankees 9th: Damon, Teixeira, A-Rod up. Madson pitching.

Damon 6-3 1 out.

Teixeira broken bat pop to centre. 2 out.

Some thoughts by the announcers on the homie that hit the camera in play.

I think the umps assumed the camera was NOT in play, thus HR. They got it wrong even with video re-play.

A-Rod walks, Posada up.

Fly out to left centre, easy play.

4 runs or bust for the Phillies.


Rivera not pitching!

Filez, 5-3, 1 out.

Ruiz up, second pitch he sees will never be seen again. Gone! to centre field.
Here comes Rivera.

8 - 5.

Matt Stairs "The Middle Aged Canadian" is coming in to pinch hit.


SLOW roller to second - but Stairs is slower, 2 out.

Broken Bat pop to A-Rod and game over.

Yankees 8 8 1
Phillies 5 6 0

3:25 minutes.


Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 World Series Live Blog Game 2

Ball hit down the third base line by Raul Ibanez in the top of the second inning is called fair, the replay from the the left field corner camera shows the ball was one ball width foul. The extra left field umpire, was 15 feet away - he was in an excellent position to make the call - I think the sliding Johnny Damon blocked his view. The Ground rule double puts Ibanez at 2nd.

He scores on a base hit by the next batter Matt Stairs that should have been ruled an error that sneaks under the glove of A-Rod. A-Rod should have had his glove down and come up to the ball, because he did not, the ball fooled him on it's third bounce and slow rolled out to left field. Dameon doesn't have a good arm anymore but he tries to go home with the throw instead of to the cut-off man (A-Rod). The ball flies high over the cut-off man and off-line to catcher Posada; but Stairs stays put at first; he could have gotten to second easily, if he had been watching the throw, and knowing Dameon had a bad arm, and the speed of the hit ball he should have been rounding first, anticipating a opportunity.

... LIve Blog

Bottom of the 3rd inning Announcer says, "Isn't funny how speed slows a game Down?"

...Live Blog


Announcer says, "First walk for the Yankees in the World Series", Catcher Jose Molina (not Posada) draws a walk from Pedro. Derek Jeter strikes out looking as Pedro 'fast pitches' him, Jeter tries to swing at an off-speed pitch right down the middle, but Jeter can't get the bat around in time!

Live Blog...

Jose Molina throws behind Jason Worth at first in the Ibanez at bat, looked like the tag misses the base runner getting back but, I wasn't there, the umpire was - and nobody argues. Strike out, fly out ends the top of the forth.

Yankees First baseman Mark Teixeira homers to right centre. Tie game 1 - 1.

Live Blog...


Molina's expanding the strike zone by pulling his glove in just a touch on the out side to the right hand batter Carlos Ruiz, top of the 5th. Ruiz hits a double to left centre fence. Announcers all over Yankee pitcher A.J. Burnett's focus.

Live Blog...

Strike out, pop out to third ---> to the bottom of the 5th

Live Blog...


Pedro Martinez faces 8th, 9th and 1 hitter Jeter. 1 out, 2 outs, then Jeter hits a double off the wall in the left field corner. Pop out to first ends the inning.
A 1,2,3 inning except for the un-worldly Jeter. Is Jeter an Alien disguised as a baseball player?

Live Blog...

Announcers bring up an E-mail from the B.C. interior comments "Middle aged Canadians", refering to Matt Stairs 41 year old man. A middle aged country? Not really, but we're getting there it looks like.

Live Blog...

Molina's cheating the strike zone again...

A.J. 1,2,3.


Live Blog...

Bottom of the 6th, 1 - 1 tie, Pedro back out there...

With no hits yesterday and nothing so far today, is the resurrection of A-Rod over? Is it back to the post season dog house for Alex Rodriguez? What will Phillies manager Charlie Manuel do/not do, to ensure he stays there?

Godzilla hits a homie to right, Matsui golfs it off the plate about 8" off the ground - a really good pitch!

Live Blog...


A.J. shuts 'em down, preserves the lead. 1 - 2.

Pedro back out - bottom of the 7th, over 100 pitches now...

Jerry Hairston hits an un-hittable pitch high and away out of the strike zone - blop to right - for a single. With closer Rivera warming, Joe Girardi wants an insurance run, puts in Pinch runner Brett Gardner. Gardner going on the pitch! - another blopper to right moves the Gardner to 3rd.

Pedros GONE (maybe forever?) Chan Ho Park in.


Live Blog...

Posada in for Molina, base hit! Scores Gardner from third. Joe Girardi manages a run. Score: 1 - 3.

Jeter out on stikes 1 out runners 2nd and 1st. Charlie Manuel takes out Park brings in Scott Eyre to face the left handed hitting Johnny Damon.


Live Blog...

Damon hit the ball line drive to first, first replay shows clean catch, all the first baseman has to do is step on the first base bag to double off Posada, (perhaps he's thinking the Umps might call it wrong so he starts the double play by throwing to short stop Rollins, almost throws the ball away. Rollins hears its a caught ball and thinks he can tag Posada for the double play, but posada's on the bag; the only way to get the second out is to throw to first, touch the bag and appeal to the umpire. ??? Replay from the right side camera after the commercial break shows the ball skipped into the glove - so that's why he threw to second.

Should be 1 out bases loaded; instead: end of inning!!!

Live Blog...

Rivera in, and Rollins works a walk from the master, speed on first.

Base hit, runners at 2nd, 1st - no one out.

Announcers asking whether Rivera had time to warm with the funny way the last inning ended, Bad calls influence the game going forward in almost countless ways...

Live Blog...

Correction 1 out...


Double play ball! 4 - 6 - 3; but to me the runner at first was SAFE!!! Umpires trying to make-up for bad call?

Live Blog...

Mark Teixeira leads off and is hit in the knee. Announcer thinks it may have been a purpose pitch. Will this wake up A-Rod, up now?

Live Blog...

A-Rod strikes out 0 for 8 in World Series. 1 out.

Live Blog...

Ryan Madson pitching from the start of this, bottom of eight.

Matsui down on strikes, 2 outs. Gardner's first at-bat after pinch run, run scored.

Gardner strikes out swinging.

---> top of the ninth, Phillies have three outs to play with.

11:15 Live Blog...

Rivera back on the mound, of coarse...

Ryan Howard leads off. Stikes out looking. Replay shows the ball was high and outside - bad call on a third strike in the ninth.

Chase Utley, soft liner to Cano leaping like a dancer to his right.

Ibanez doubles to left centre. Matt Stairs up. Déjà Vu from the scoring play in the second? Nope. Goes down swinging.

Phillies 1 6 0
Yankees 3 8 0

Series tied 1 game a-piece.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Yankee Mystique Fools the Foolish in Game 4

"No, the strike zone isn't an excuse for tonight's lousy loss... . We're pretty sure they'd have lost anyway. But is there anything more frustrating than watching a game umpired by Tim McClellan? We think not."

Old picture of Tim and quote from Royals Corner Blog.

The Yankee mystique makes time stand still and memory go foggy. Some weird innings Tonight Game 4 in Los Angeles...

Third Base Umpire Tim McClellan missed a double play at third. Posada was caught in a run down between third and home after a bases loaded fielders choice, with Cano forcing to third. Cano didn't seem to want to take the base away from the infield captain, the veteran Yankee - respect - so he never touched the bag! As Posada was being forced back to third by Mike Napoli, the Yankee catcher acquiesced off the back of the bag for Cano to take it; Napoli saw the situation immediately. The Catcher straddled the bag like a third baseman, touched Cano, then Posada - one two. Tim McClellan - standing right there - missed it and called only Posada out. As the Yankee Veil began to draw across our collective memory - as it became apparent nobody was quite sure what had just happened - he failed to ask the home plate umpire for help - or the extra left-field-line umpire either.

AND probably because Tim McClellan is crew-chief neither umpire offered any help, to make sure they got it right, which is politically correct in Umpire World, but wrong in baseball.

Earlier in the inning on a play at second Swisher was thrown out by Napoli, but the umpire called it safe.

An inning before Swisher left the bag early on a sac fly and was called out by Tim McClellan, double play - run doesn't score - end of inning. The replay was too close to call.

Magic is one way to look at it.

Another is that Tim McClellan leads a really bad umpiring crew.

(update @ 11:46 10/20/09)
New York Yankees 10 - Los Angeles Angels 1. Yankees lead the series 3 - 1. C.C. Sabathia wins his second of this series on short rest.

The Angels beat themselves tonight - they need to regroup to play a game six.

(video update @ 3:06 PM 10/21/09)
Here's the video from ALCS game 4 (Evil-FOX-network video - which will be pulled down soon).

GONE! (9:56 PM 10/21/09) Coutesy of MLB Advanced (?) Media

Tim McClellan is Fooled by a smooth Cano move. Cano causualy places his foot on the bag after he's tagged, thinks he's called out and starts for the dugout, Mike Napoli hears he's safe so he tags him again because he's off the bag again!