Friday, August 5, 2016

Kansas City run into Blue Jays win - Martin makes Liriano 'Great Again'

'Make Liriano Great Again'

Update Sat, Aug 6, 2016: Video - Russel Martin on the battery working together again: -

Francisco Liriano finishes his first Blue Jays start with a 3.00 ERA. Liriano Comes out of the game at the end of the 6th having surrendered 3R (2 Earned) for a tie game at the time. Brett Cecil is the pitcher of record* when the winning run scores in the top of the 9th and thus sneaks the W. Thus the Martin / Liriano battery from their time together in Pittsburgh is re-birthed.

So it isn't true, 'You can never go home again' ... as long as it's a different home?

The future awaits.

Via espn boxscore -

Royals Run into Blue Jays Win

In the 9th the Royals have a runner at second with one out due to a two-base throwing error by 3rd baseman Darwin Barney (into the 1B camera bay).

Then Paulo Orlando tries to steal 3B - and gives Barney the chance to reverse his error - which he does by snagging a low skip-throw from Martin and kneeling on the bag to block the baserunner and applying the tag.

Two out.

Next batter gets a base hit to left-centre (might it have scored the Royals' centre-firlder from 2nd?).

Next batter strikes out.

Jays win.

* The Official Scorer can award the win to the 'correct' pitcher - if they have any idea what they're doing - none ever do take that chance these days (some millionaires' lawyer will likely come after them.)


List - Blue Jays' Six Man Pitching Rotation

I like lists and maps and graphics. The Blue Jays' Six Man Pitching Rotation needs to be listed - so here:

Blue Jays' 6-man rotation (ordered by Wins)

  1. Happ (15-3)
  2. Sanchez (11-1)
  3. Stroman (8-4)
  4. Dickey (8-12)
  5. Estrada (7-4)
  6. Liriano (6-11) 

The order in which they are pitching now: 

  • Liriano (6-11) (Starting tonight - Friday - at KC)
  • Sanchez (11-1) (Starting Saturday at KC)
  • Stroman (8-4) (Starting Sunday at KC)
  • Dickey (8-12) (Starting Monday vs Tampa Bay)
  • Estrada (7-4) (Starting Tuesday vs Tampa Bay)
  • Happ (15-3) (Starting Wednesday vs Tampa Bay)

"We like our Team, Barry."

So to sum-up: