Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 4 LiveBlog Starts at < 8:00 EST - Right Here

I'm planning to LiveBlog Yankees @ Phillies, 2009 World Series Game 4, November 1, 2009 at 8:00 EST Here at Michael Holloway's BaseballBlogs.

Due to unforeseen responsibilities else-where tonight's LiveBlog of 2009 World Series Game 4 Yankees @ Phillies will not proceed.

On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 8:00 PM the 2009 World Series Game 5 I promise I will be back with a LiveBlog.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


2 runs in Cano at the plate, he flies out.

2 - 0 Sabathia comng out to defend a lead.

Due to unforeseen responsibilities is the birthday party of my Nephew, But since I'm listening to the game on ESPN Radio, I'm going to blog a little.

This is not going to be a LiveBlog,( dinner's ready in a few minutes), but I'll lay down some observations as we go into this exciting game 4.

Damon can't make the catch on Victorino's looper in shallow left centre, a double to begin the game for the Phillies.

Chase Utley at the bat. Hits a double! Yeh! run scores. Left-center off the top of the wall.

Ryan Howard is out swinging.

Jason Worth gets an intentional pass with 2 outs. Wondering what the temperature is; Does Sabathia the old man need more time to warm up in this November night.

Ibanez out on strikes.

My friend Chris's HTC diamond cell phone app. tells us the temp in Phillie right now is 11 degrees.

Sabathia's at the plate now, love this the natinal league is so cool.

End of inning as Sabathia strikes out swinging.


Well here we go the death of this live Blog, for now; dinners ready and the table needs setting, be back soon...


Ruiz 3 - 1 count to ss 6-3 out.


Sabathia 1,2,3.

Jeter coming up to start the 3rd.


Here's a link from faithful surfer nonk9 a LiveBlog of the game which is sweet!



OK this Live Blog is back on.

Yankees 4
Phillies 2

Top of the 6th

Swisher walks off Joe Blanton. Melky Cabrera settles into the box. One on. two out.

Melky grounds to 1st, pitcher covering; 3-1. End of the top of the sixth.


Ibenez due up.

Milky strained a ham-string running out the grounder. Gardner in to play centre field.

Park warming in the bull pen

Ibenez out 1,2,3. Sabathia in the grove.


Filez on with a base hit.

Ruiz up.

Grounder to Cano throws to 1st forthe out 2 out. Filez to second.


Franscisco pinch hit line drive to Gardner in centre.

Top of the seventh.


Sabathia drives the ball to right, Jason Worth catches it.
Jeter to the plate. Jeter: 2 hits, rbi so far. He draws a walk.

Damon to the box. Swinging strike 3. 2 out.


Notice the 'other' Live Blog has it wrong Sabathia is still in the game as he just batted.

Teixeira grounds out.

Middle of the 7th; here comes that song, that's when I turn down the volume on the radio network I'm not plugging right now...


Sabathia startingthe inning.

Rollins, Victorino, Utley to begin what will indubitably be a big inning for the Phillies. ;)

Rollins sees a change to start. Now fastball misses. He's tired. Next pitch wild high 92 pitches.

Line drive, A-Rod knocks it down keeps it in front of him and throws for the out. 1 out.


Victorino smashes the ball to right but Nick catches it; right at him. :(

Chase. maybe he'll chase Sabathia with a homie?

Home run. ;) AND that is all for Sabathia. This young manager learns from his mistakes he's going to be good. Maybe as good as Torre.

Yankees 4
Phillies 3


Howard at the plate on the mound is Muerte. high fly to Johnny in left. 3rd out.

The 8th.


A-Rod at the plate. Madson pitching.

K! swinging.

Posada to the plate.


Posada batting left... working the count, a good at bat 3-1 now.

Posada walks.

Ayre warming in the pen.

Cano hits a seeing eye blooper deep near the line in left, Rollins almost gets there. Runners on 2nd and 1st.

Swisher up. K LOOKING! 2 out.

Gardner to the plate.

Godzilla on deck - going to hit in the pitchers spot.

Gardner pops to shallow left; Rollins get there. third out bottom of the 8th coming up


Chamberlain pitching. wind in from centre field.

Worth K swinging.

Ibanez... K swinging :(

Feliz 3-2 swing batter GONE!!!

Yankees 4
Phillies 4



Chamberlain missed with the homer pitch mistake but Feliz did not.

Ruiz out swinging.


One out (Matsui pinch hit) no one on, Jeter at the plate... K swinging on a sweet slider out of the zone Jeter pissed.


Lidge pitching

Tic.. he stays alive.

3-2...foul out of play...

3-2...foul out of play...

8 pitches, base hit to right on the ninth pitch of the at-bat good at-bat.

Damon steals 2nd - with the shift on for Teixeira no one was at third! Damon gets up and takes third. Great base running - could be the game!


Teixeira hit by pitch runners 3rd and 1st.

Alex Rodriguez at the plate... double to the wall in left Damon scores Teixeira to 3rd.

Yankees 5
Phillies 4


Posada... hits the ball to the gap, two runs score, Posada thrown out trying to make a single into a double.

Bottom of the ninth...

Yankees 7
Phillies 4



Teixeira gound ball to his left unassisted. one out. 2 outs to play with for the Phillies.


Pop 3-UA


Victorino... 3-UA!??? A Teixeira ninth.


Yankees 7

Yankees lead the series 3 games to 1.



  1. dude, what's the score? is this really the only place on the internet i can "watch" the game?


    2-1 yankees. aarrggh.

  3. Hey nce to hear from you sorry about the situation here. That LiveBlog look really good pictures of the key plays and everything. I'm an amateur obviously, and I can't do the whole game tonight thanks for the link, I'm going to post it above for all those who come by.


  4. the other blog says the phillies have two on and a chance to take the lead against those skanky yankees. someone popped up to jeter but there's still hope.