Sunday, June 6, 2010

New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays - Game 3

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SP Javier Vazquez (4-5, 6.06 ERA) vs. SP Brandon Morrow (4-4, 6.00 ERA)
Sunday, June 6th 2010 - 1:07 PM EDT
Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Click here to watch the score card unfold: New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays - Game 3

If the temperature reaches it's forecast high of 18°C the Dome might be open for the game. If it is, all folded up - cupped with-in itself over the outfield - it acts like a aircraft wing in the north wind, creating a vacuum as it blows over the hump - creating a draft low on the field out, to centre field and swirling winds higher up. High drives will hang up while Bautista-esque LD HR's will succeed.

Yesterday's 14 inning game tested this DIY score card. I tried to add innings, honest I did have a plan for extra innings, but I could not; too many parameters of the blog and the card had to be changed, so my scoring ended in the 10th.

To make sure that doesn't happen again I've added another inning to the starting card. (I find that if a game goes into extras it usually ends in the 10th - if a game goes past the 10th inning they can go on forever.) I've opened up the blog to a width 2700 pixels to accommodate header coding that can now support a 20 inning AB table. In the event of another long game I'm ready to add innings to the score card quickly, with a few clicks in the html.

I've also separated out the R-H-E-LOB table from the pitching table so the former can expand to 18 innings with a couple of clicks.

I hope today's game does go into extras - so I can test my plan.

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