Monday, August 8, 2011

Squaretender publishes on Blogger Baseball Scorecard

Very happy today to report that Erin McClam, who co-publishes Squaretender - a blog that is All About scorekeeping baseball games - published a flattering little piece about my 'Blogger Baseball Scorecard" project!


In all my searching of terms like scoring, scorekeeping, scorecard, scoring forum...I have not come across Squaretender, a site about scorecard keeping. The internet is a very big place I guess. I've searched the world wide web for anything at all to do with baseball scorekeeping in the last 2 years and I'm sorry to say, I didn't find this lovely blog.

These guys (Erin McClam and Mark Niesse) are as passionate about scorecarding as I am - but they're purists, they want the real thing, not some new fangled ipad or Microsoft Office thingy - over there it's all about the parchment and graphite - which makes a review there all the sweeter.

All along the design process of the Blogger Baseball Scorecard I've tried to make it as close to the paper and pencil method as I could. I learned to keep score on paper with pencil. I'm a writer who always had a notepad and a scribbling tool with him wherever he went. Reading a book on paper has a religious feel to it. A scorecard in an extra large artists' sketch book is heaven.

So I know where they're coming from - I just think my new html scorecard is pretty zippy too, and I hope it generates vast numbers of score keepers in the next generations.

Not only will the piece at Squaretender help spread the word about the Blogger Scorecard, I've just found a website I'll be going back to.

Thanks much Erin.

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