Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pitcher Derek Lowe's HR ball gets back to dugout before he does - literally

This video shows the line drive HR over the left field fence and Derik Lowe's slow jog around the bases (he looks really wobbly as he rounds 2B). In the last seconds of the video you can see the HR ball - the first ball Lowe says that he has ever, in his entire life "hit over a fence" - bounce on the infield grass (Nationals' LF Michael Morse throws it in), and rolls perfectly into dugout entrance-way, literally 9 steps in front of the slow-afoot pitcher.

 Pitchers hitting - what will they think of next?  ;)

Story by Dayn Perry at FanGraphs Blog, NotGraphs - "The Miracle of Derek Lowe’s Home Run".

Via a post at Joy of Sox, "Derek Lowe, 38, Hits The First Home Run Of His Life"

MLB (Video at MLB) embed via NotGraphs blog.


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