Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baseball Blogs Radio with "BeeVocal" - show #1 'Test'

Update (1 hour after posting below): W3C school has this, from here -

'BeeVocal' emailed me with a link to their new Radio show production widget. Still finding a way to share the 1:30 test I made - there is no obvious way to do this that is evident on my Home page at 'BeeVocal', but I will persevere.

From the email to recording my first episode took all of 15 minutes! Really great; the interface is intuative - but the link is not an mp3 - instead it's shuttered inside of a player that only is allowed to render on a BeeVocal web page.

You can click on the link and check out the interface as it is so far ... and my incoherent mumblings. :)
(playback currently only works in Chrome and Firefox browsers)

Update (30 seconds later): I found the audio file link and I'll go get my favourite player and be right back to lay that in here. Yay!

Well my favourite player wouldn't play the .ogg file so...

..I found a player that adds a tab across the top of this blog you should see it up there, click play to play Episode 1 if you like - SCM Music Player by Adrian C Shum -

Hmmm, that thingy won't play the file either - so that's gone.

So we're left with the link above that takes you to the BeeVocal page with their player, as the only way to share. BeeVocal #Fail.

This is obviously in Beta - I will update when more is known.

You've just read some 'Real Time Blogging'. Now if we can get some real time audio with that...


BeeVocal's 'Ogg Vorbis' File of, Baseball Blogs Radio - Episode 1 - "Test"
(played in my GOM Player, no problem and plays by default in Google Chrome - with the .ogg add-on. Firefox add-on search returned no results for ".ogg" of "Ogg Vorbis".) (link opens in new tab/window)

W3C Schools Player - ---> example of the audio tag version I used above --->



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