Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jays win 8th straight - pitching is light's-out, almost from the time the game starts - I play with numbers...

Scorecard for this game, Rockies at Jays - Game 3:

Image: Rockies at Jays Game 3 Box Score
Since the Jays started getting timely hitting to go with the power hitting, about a month ago (and in the last 10 days or so, lights-out pitching), the Jays have 18 Wins over their last 30 decisions.

Extend that winning percentage to a season (162 games):

18       x           30x            30x  
__   X   ___    =    _______    =   ____    x = 97.20
30       162         18(162)        2916

97 Wins!

Last year, the New York Yankees won the AL East with 95 wins. The Baltimore Orioles won the Wild Card with 93 wins; the third best record in the American League (tied with Texas Rangers).

Fun numbers to think about when the team is hot - but not of much relevance.


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