Wednesday, June 26, 2013

R.A. Dickey by the numbers - Jays win

Was reading the play-by-play at espn and I thought I'd look at just the Bottoms of the innings. The effect was so rewarding - below I copied the play-by-Play and shortened it to a certain degree. I think the effect of reading the 29 items is fantastic!

This is Dickey's Pitching Line - and below that is a list of the 29 plate appearances by the Tampa Bay Rays - only two over the minimum because of a double play in the 6th that erased a base hit.

Toronto Blue Jays
Pitching             IP   H   R   ER   BB   SO   HR   P/S      ERA
R Dickey (W, 7-8)    9.0  2   0   0    1    6    0    93/68    4.72

Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

R.A. Dickey pitching for Toronto

1. M Joyce      K 
2. D Jennings   GO 6-3
3. B Zobrist    Ks

4. E Longoria   Ks 
5. J Loney      FO 8
6. W Myers      GO 5-3

7. L Scott      GO 3UA
8. J Molina     GO 1-3
9. Y Escobar    Ks

10. M Joyce     FO 5f
11. D Jennings  Ks
12. B Zobrist   GO 5-3

13. E Longoria  GO 4-3
14. J Loney     BH 7/8
15. W Myers     FC 6UA (J Loney Out)
16. L Scott     FO 4 pop

17. J Molina    LO 5
18. Y Escobar   BH 7
19. M Joyce     DP 4-6-3 

20. D Jennings  BB
21. B Zobrist   FO 3f
22. E Longoria  Ks
    D Jennings  SB
23. J Loney     FO 7f

24. W Myers     FO 7
25. L Scott     FO 5f
26. S Fuld(PH)  LO 6 

27. Y Escobar   GO 5-3
28. M Joyce     GO 1-3
29. D Jennings  GO 5-3

Box score  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9   R   H   E
TOR        0  0  0  1  0  1  0  0  1   3   6   0
TB         0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0   0   2   0

Data via espn -


Monday, June 24, 2013

Jays shut down by Rays' Jeremy Hellickson - Streak over

Scorecard: Jays at Rays - Game 1 -

Jays hit a wall named Jeremy Hellickson.

In the 2nd inning Esmil Rogers began throwing the ball up in the zone (battery trying to get command of a pitch that wasn't working?). All three pitches left the yard.

2nd time in Tampa Bay franchise history that the team has hit back-to-back, to-back home runs.

And that's all she wrote.

The Jays had a bases loaded chance in the eighth with Bautista up. Bautista hit into a fielders choice which plated the runner from third - the Jays only run. Encarnacion then Flied Out to right to end the inning.

Hellickson had 4 - three-up, three-down innings of the 7 he pitched. In the others, he faced only four Blue Jay hitters.

Jays had 1 hit and 4 walks off Hellickson, spread evenly over his 7 innings. Three of the walks were left on - one was part of a double play. Of the Jays 3 hits over the entire game - one scored, one was left on, and one was part of a double play.

A dominating performance.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Invincible @BlueJays win 11th straight - execute textbook inside-game - Encarnacion: 3-5 4RBI 2R, Bautista heating up

Scorecard for this game, Orioles at Jays - Game 3:

The Invincible Jays won their 11th straight game this afternoon, sweeping the Baltimore Orioles for 3, their third such series sweep on this unholy run. The Jays powered through the innings this afternoon piling on crooked numbers like destiny was calling them by name.
Edwin Encarnacion continues to bat with a pretty stroke, going 3 for 5 with 4 RBI and 2 runs scored.

Amazimgly Jose Bautista has been scuffling overe the last week, but is showing signs of heating up as he (lately uncharacteristically) worked two Baltimore pitchers for walks (plating both times). Later, in the 7th, @JoeyBats19 hit the ball deep in the clutch - plating 3 and snuffing out any hopes the Baltimore's had of rallying late.

Josh Johnson finally gets a 'W' - with an average outing. He totally deserves it after giving the Jays 4 very good Quality Starts since his return to the roster in early June.

Inside Baseball

One of the most beautiful things in baseball - in my opinion - is the manufacture of a run.

Today the Jays created a run out of thin air - 'textbook-style' (see an image of the beautiful thing below). In the bottom of the 2nd inning Emilo Bonifacio, batting 8th - squares to bunt, then pulls the bat back on the pitcher's wind-up, then with a swing that stops short, a 'swinging bunt' - he loops a dying quail over pitcher Freddy Garcia's head into short CF.

Next pitch he steals second.

On the NEXT pitch Kawasaki sacrifice bunts to first base - moving Bonifacio to third. Melky Cabrera sees one pitch and then hits a sacrifice fly out to medium-deep, right-centre field - plating Bonifacio.

I scored the game as usual... and I knew I was going to write about this play. In my opinion this play is a symbol of how different this team is to any other we've seen here in Toronto - it's a Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees kind of team - they can play all the different fashions of the game ... so as I was scoring the game, I made sure to add the pitch notations in this 1/2 inning - so you can better appreciate the pace of events. I'd say the whole cycle - from swinging bunt single - to the run plated - took about 2 minutes.

Image from Internet Baseball Scorecard 2013, "Orioles at Jays - Game 3"


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jays win 8th straight - pitching is light's-out, almost from the time the game starts - I play with numbers...

Scorecard for this game, Rockies at Jays - Game 3:

Image: Rockies at Jays Game 3 Box Score
Since the Jays started getting timely hitting to go with the power hitting, about a month ago (and in the last 10 days or so, lights-out pitching), the Jays have 18 Wins over their last 30 decisions.

Extend that winning percentage to a season (162 games):

18       x           30x            30x  
__   X   ___    =    _______    =   ____    x = 97.20
30       162         18(162)        2916

97 Wins!

Last year, the New York Yankees won the AL East with 95 wins. The Baltimore Orioles won the Wild Card with 93 wins; the third best record in the American League (tied with Texas Rangers).

Fun numbers to think about when the team is hot - but not of much relevance.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jays win 7th in a row - Esmil Rogers stymies NL batting order - winning run plates in bottom of 1st

Scorecard for this game, Rockies at Jays - Game 2:

Image: Rockies at Jays - Game 2 box score, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

 Image: MLB AL East Standings 2013 06 19
(Image via -

John Gibbons used the nice defensive replacement cycle again:

Bonifacio started at 2B. In the top of the 8th he moved to LF - Melky Cabrera out of the game. Batting in Cabrera's place at the top of the order, Kawasaki comes into the game playing SS, which moves Maicer Izturis from SS to 2B - where Bonifacio started.  

Maicer Izturis started at SS. In the top of the 7th he made 1 of the Jays' 2 errors. It was the 3rd and final run of the Rockies 7th. Mark DeRosa started at 3B. In the 2nd he threw one over 1B into RF - no run scored. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pitching is very good in 8 and 2 Jays' 6th consecutive win.

Scorecard for this game:

Rockies at Jays boxscore, 2013 06 17

After falling to 10 games back in the AL East and resting there, the Jays are now on a long awaited streak of winning baseball.

MLB STANDINGS 3013 06 17
(Image via -

Everything is working swimmingly, defense, situational hitting, speed game is effective - special kudos for the extended (AAA) pitching staff, which has put up zeros all over both Leagues of late.

I like the 9th inning defensive substitutions Gibbons made today:

Bonifacio in for Mark DeRosa (2B) - but Emilio plays LF in place of Melky Cabrera, who is out of the game. Kawasaki takes Cabrera's lead-off spot in the order and plays SS; that moves Izturis over to 2B - where DeRosa started.

I think that cycle, or something like it, works for lots of combinations of starters.

Nice. Very National League - Joe Maddon, type stuff.

(Sorry if I fired anyone in April.)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Complete Game Baseball Scorecard, Rangers at Jays - Game 3

Internet Baseball Scorecard 2013
A DIY html baseball scoresheet for scorekeeping baseball games in Blogger

Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Rangers at Jays - Game 3 -