Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Change backgroundColor - Baseball Scorecard, At-Bat Box in HTML5 Canvas - part 3

So now the CSS I added to this post is in a file somewhere (I can't look at it - no CSS file source is posted in the blog html) ... and the change colour still doesn't work in the Compose Interface (but in the published version, the coding does produce the desired result (try clicking the green square above).

This is what I meant 2 years ago when I opined to the Blogger in Draft Team, that Blogger could be so much more (than just a innovative integration of Blogger and WordPress).

Blogger needs to be a web page - everything that one can do with your own domain needs to be do-able in Blogger. That would mean that there is no longer any need for personal domains ... and Google could then capture a massive new data base of content as people innovate with the increasingly friendly interoperability of deeper programming language - such like that which HTML5 is ushering in.

Time for some real investment in Blogger - HTML5 Blogger.

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