Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jays are a 1st Division team in AL East - 2nd Division in AL West

The Houston Series - and the previous two series against the AL West teams, the Athletics and the Angels - has made something apparent: The Jays are a 2nd Division team in the American League - a 1st Division team in the American League East.

Once again tonight the Jays played head-to-head against a .404 team.

Immaculate baseball once again in this scintillating game - with the 4th place AL west team trumping this night with their late homer to win a one run game in late innings.

The Jays must win tomorrow night to take the series - and differentiate themselves from this second division AL West team.

Due to computer problems (which I am attacking from 4 different vectors) I am unable to score with the HTML5 scorecard - so tonight I scored the game in analogue. I apologize for the incredibly unreadable script and the incredibly amateur scoring craftsmanship; this is the first analog scorecard I have written in 20 years.

But all the same - an intriguing odyssey - analog is as important to our understanding of the IofT+Humans as anything - therefore I accept the challenge that this problem/opportunity has placed before me. I imagine a writing interface as thin as a piece of paper; one that can search the internet, hear the spoken word, and feel the tip of a pencil.

Jays Innings:

Astros Innings:

ESPN Box Score - Toronto Blue Jays at Houston Astros, Game 2 of 3 - evening of Friday, August 1, 2014 -


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