Friday, July 31, 2015

Are Jays, MLB in cahoots with Canada's Conservative Government?

Are Jays, MLB in cahoots with Canada's Conservative Government to produce a winner during the 2015 Federal Election?

The connections between Rogers Inc and this Federal Government are document-able. The MLB and the military have worked hand in hand to glorify the soldiers of our Imperial wars of conquest since 9/11 with parade marches and the playing of the nationalistic anthem "God Bless America" - which replaced the more baseball iconic tune "Take me out to the ball game" during the 7th inning stretch.

The tradition at Blue Jays games since the neo-conservative Harper Government attained a majority government in 2011 has been a march of a Canadian Military Honour guard marching to the Canadian National Anthem. This is not in keeping with Canadian tradition since the end of WWII.

This second majority term of this extreme right neo-conservative government would, as Harper stated in public two years ago, 'change this country to such an extent that you won't recognize it'.

This is for all the marbles - the end of the welfare state - in order to finance a global corporate expansion of the US empire over a 100 years in order to rule the globe.

Don't put it past them. This is an idea worth considering.

Jays beat KC in extra innings 7 to 6 after the umpire began to squeeze KC pitching in extra innings - and then a balk call that none of the umpires could have seen (it was a good call but un-see-able) that sent the winning run into scoring position on a day when the Jays finished off - at the non-waiver trade deadline - some excellent deals.


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