Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jays' experience essential play-off-team Learning Moment in loss to hot Cleveland Indians

The first indication that the Team was letting the recent record of this hot Indians Team effect them (which since August 15th mirrors the performance of the Jays in all of August), was the Goins throw in the first inning to 3rd to erase a lead-off double instead of going for the sure out at 1st. The throw to 3rd - which Donaldson couldn't clutch on the bounce - resulted in runners on 1st and 3rd (the next at-bats' double-play scored the runner which until the 9th was the game's margin of scoring).

That was the end of scoring in this game until the Bottom of the 5th when the Jays scored 2 - which was answered by the Clevelands in the 7th.

The next indication that Jays were trying to do too much was in the Top of the 9th when Donaldson cut in front of Tulowinski (the standard play - it's 3rds' ball if they can get to it) and tipped a hit ball to his left, which he then corralled and (as it was his only play) hurriedly threw (high) to third to try and get the lead runner - which tipped off Troy Hawkins' glove (covering) and ended up in the third base camera bay - resulting in a two bases for the runners on - a run scored (4-2) and the batter-runner to 3rd.

Interesting to see if the Jays can turn this Zeitabschnitt* around in game two.

* Zeitabschnitt | http://www.dict.cc/deutsch-englisch/Zeitabschnitt.html


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