Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes you scorecard a game; sometimes the game scorecards you

'Game Notes' from Thursday night's finale of the home, at-home series at Turner Field in Atlanta - Jays at Braves - Game 4 - scorecard is here -

Game Notes

Sometimes you scorecard a game; sometimes the game scorecards you.

I was eaten by a scorecard today.

You can see in the bottom of the 3rd - I had the order out of whack. Missed the last out in the bottom of the 2nd - had to erase 9 at-bats - a HR included - and move every play down one for an inning and a half. Happened again later but I caught it before the inning ended and no homer to contend with (they take a lot of time, colouring four corners, plus any RBI-ed runs).

Hate when that happens.

Jays got eaten up today too --- by baseballs.

JP Arencebia plated one run with a pass ball and one more that wasn't in scoring position when the subsequent "BH" rolled under Edwin Encarnacion's glove (for the second time tonight) - plating two runs. (Scored a base hit by the home town scorekeeper.)

Manager John Gibbons might have put more defence on the field in this game - instead of worrying about right-y left-y match-ups against the great Mike Minor - that's my take-away anyway. See it as a pitching duel with very few runs - which is what it was - 'till the roof caved in with errors and battery problems in the 6th.

At any rate - it's all there - scored properly I think (see link at the top).

The Jays still haven't had their 'dream team' on the field yet this year. Aside from the fielders who have gone down (Reyes, Davis, Lawrie) - the Jays have now used 29 different pitchers. But, on the other hand several of the starting weeks injuries are getting close to returning to the Show: Josh Hamilton is pitching games at AAA Buffalo; Jose Reyes ran sprints on the field today... . (From reports I heard the radio crew - Jerry Howarth, Jack Morris and Mike Wilner - talk about during the game.)

That's eight games in a row without TV (my TV just died, and minor league hockey was on SportsNet basic cable for 4 days before that).

Anyways, I really cannot abide the on-again, off-again television broadcaster.

Radio:  It really ties the room together --- Dude. :)

"The Big Lebowski" Official Trailer


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