Saturday, May 4, 2013

Skipper Gibbons likely fired after Jays leave town

Game Notes from Saturday afternoon's scorecard - Game 2 between the visiting Seattle Mariners and the struggling Toronto Blue Jays --- the complete scorecard of which, is here: "Mariners at Blue Jays - Game 2" -

Game Notes

Final in 9
Seattle Mariners: 8
Toronto Blue Jays: 1

In some years of baseball writing I have learned never to make predictions; but today I'm going to go out on a limb and make the great leap. Gibbons is already fired - the Jays are waiting for the correct time to make the announcement.

This is not a surprise to this writer - I've been calling for Gibbons' head since an April 16th game against the White Sox, when Gibbons pinch hit Rajai Davis for Colby Rasmus in the 7th in a close game. The move weakened Gibbons' defence going into the late innings (- and the move cost him the game as the winning hit (White Sox, seventh hitter - in the ninth) sailed over the second-string centre fielder's head. (see complete game scorecard for that game -

Listening to the TV Play-by-Play today - and having watching the team closely through the year so far - I agree with Buck Martinez's take on the level of over-all team 'elan' (today, catcher Henry Blanco not knowing how many outs there were - and the entire team not seeming to know how many outs there were).

I have also learned in some years of baseball writing, that road trips are great places for bad news.

Toronto leaves town for Florida after tomorrow afternoon's finale with the Mariners - I expect the Blue Jays will release Manager John Gibbons at the beginning of this road trip - likely after the papers have gone to bed in the wee hours of Monday morning, May 6th.

It's always nice to let someone off the bus near their home (Texas).

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