Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Copy and Paste an extra inning onto the HTML Scorecard

If you've been following the progress of the development of the HTML Scorecard here at Baseball Blogs you know I've been working on a way to add extra innings to the scorecard 'in-game', quickly - so at the end of the ninth inning, heading into the tenth, one can add an inning in the time it takes for the networks to come back from the commercial break.


Here's two screen shots of the same scorecard BEFORE and AFTER:



All the data from the first nine inning remains intact, you just copy an empty AB box from some where in the table and paste one (or two or three...) onto the end of each Batter row while in Compose mode in your New Post window. Through the entire process you need not read a single line of code.

I'm about to score the ALCS Texas Rangers @ New York Yankees  - Game 5 (4:07 PM EDT) at The Internet Baseball Scorecard; I'll use the new scorecard. I hope it goes into extra innings as the Texans eliminate the hapless Yanks from the 2010 Postseason.



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