Friday, October 15, 2010

The Internet Baseball Scorecard gets Bigger, Better!

Earlier this month I published an article, New code for the Internet Baseball Score Card - with Extra Innings! -. In it I talked about how I had discovered "code break tags" (<!--extra innings-->) that hide code from a html rendering system (a blogging application, or a browser). I wanted to hide code that renders extra innings in the scorecard - so one could add innings to the scorecard quickly if a game went into extras.

It turns out blogging technology will not accept this hidden code - the code breaks and the code between them are erased as soon as you swtich to "Compose" mode, or click on "Publish". I'm still researching why - and if there's a work around.

To wit:

Yesterday I decided the time was right to make a more expansive change to the scorecard. It was something I was to putting off until the 2011 season - but I thought, how am I going to test it when there are no games on?

So, in time for the 2010 MLB League Championship Series - here it is - the 2011 Scorecard: Bigger! Better!
(check the link or click the image for a larger version)


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