Friday, October 8, 2010

The Symmetry of a Perfect Game

On the first day of the 2010 post season, in a first post season appearance, Roy Halladay gave up one walk on his way to no-hitting the Cincinnati Reds. That walk spoiled my scorecard.

Do you see how in this work, the sixth column of iconography contracts in at the top, expands out at the bottom and skews up towards the top corner? Sort of like a twitch under your eye caused by a bad memory? Or the crumpled front fender of a car that has run into a telephone poll at a high rate of speed?

It's supposed to look like this...

..but the rules say I have to maintain a connection to the cultural artifact it is derived from.

So if Roy Halladay doesn't pitch a perfect game - how am I supposed to score a perfect score card? It's like if Beethoven made a mistake while he was writing the 9th symphony and put in a b-flat instead of a d-flat - is it still a just as beautiful? A rose by any other name would look as beautiful?

You decide.

See the score card for Roy Halliday's no-hitter at the Internet Baseball Score Card Blog.


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