Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogger Baseball Scorecard - Free Printable Baseball Scorecard - Version 3 (982px × 1,600px JPEG Image)

I've up-loaded the original size - 982px × 1,600px - left click on the image and it will open at it's own page - reduced - left click on the image again and it will expand to it's full size.

Print instructions are below the image.

JPEG Image
324.81 KB (332,604 bytes)
982px × 1,600px

Image URL: 

Long version of the URL:
(copy and paste from box)

To copy and print simply:

  • Copy Image and open in Microsoft Paint: first, open image in it's own page, click on image above or copy from  the 'textarea' box, or the shortened version and open in a new window/tab. Right click on the image and choose "Copy Image"
  • Open Microsoft Paint (or other such image editing application - like the Open Source GIMP)
  • Paste in the address*
  • Save
  • Print**
To paste into "Microsoft Paint": with the Image on your mouse via the "Copy Image" function, click "EDIT" in Microsoft Paint (top left). Select "Paste" - image will appear full sized. Save and Print**.

To print the scorecard (print the scorecard on two pages - page 1: Top, Visitors - page 2: Bottom, Home). Set at default Microsoft Paint, 'Print'  prints the scorecard on six pages - so change two defaults:
  • In "FILE" (top left) choose "Page Setup..." - a window will open (image on the right)
  • Under Paper, option "Size", choose "Letter" (default)
  • Set "Margins", "Left" to 0.25 (smallest) 
  • Under "Scaling" click "Adjust to:" and change from "100%" to 20%.

Please share.

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program:


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