Monday, April 18, 2011

Daisuke Matsuzaka Red Sox's Mothra - destroys 'Nine-Game-Fiasco' Godzilla Monster

"We've created a nine-game fiasco early in the season and now we've got to try and figure out a way to make it better." 
- Red Sox manager Terry Francona - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I know no one in Boston will buy this - but from the Toronto side of the pitching ledger Daisuke Matsuzaka is a god among pitchers.

One Hit?!? One Walk?!?  Who was that guy?  Hither-to sucky, sucky, suck-suck, now Cy friggn' Young? Ouch!

Boston turned their ugly early season 2-9 record around at the Blue Jays expense this weekend - winning 3 out of 4 including a 9-1 drubbing this afternoon. (In a game that started at 11:00 AM this morning so as to not create traffic chaos with the Boston Marathon, that began snaking it's way by Fenway Park at about 1:00 PM.)

The series win brings the Boston's record with-in sight of the first division in the American League East - on their way to second place or better, no doubt. The Jays won Friday 7-6, lost on Saturday 4-1, Sunday 8-1, and today 9-1. 

Below are the Jay's at-bats from today's game. Toronto was one-hit by Matsuzaka over 7 innings. One hit in the first, a walk in the second - then 1,2,3 in the third, forth, fifth, sixth and seventh - not to mention the relief pitcher's 1,2,3 eighth - read it and weep (a complete game scorecard of the game from the Blogger Baseball Scorecard is here).

(All images 'Rebigulate' on click)

It'll be good to play in a nice warm dome tomorrow I expect - even if it is the New York Yankee's waiting there. A J Burnett is pitching for the Empire - and we all know how sucky, sucky, suck-suck he can be.

Should be fun - knock on wood. :)

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