Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That bullpen's dead - we need another one

Yup, they're all too tired to play anymore...

So John Farrell has found a limit to the bullpen. Now he will embark on finding out how long to rest each before they don't suck.

I say this bullpen is toast - they need a holiday ... is there a way to rent another bullpen from somewhere? - like a temporary position in an office?

Wanted: 7 guys with good arms to fill in for a few days while our very appreciated crew get some R&R.

Boxscore and relief pitchers totals from the 8th and 9th Inning - April 11,2011 - Blue Jays at Mariners Scorecard of  Game 1

Ball location to all batters faced for the four relievers on April 11 2011
- via "Brooks Baseball".

David Purcey 0.1 IP 2H 3R 3ER 1BB 16/6(P/S)

Octavio Dotel   0.0 IP  0H  2R  2ER 2BB 12/4(P/S)

Marc Rzepczynski   0.0 IP  1H  0R 0ER  1BB  10/3(P/S)

Shawn Camp  1.1 IP  2H  2R 2ER  1BB  22/12(P/S)


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