Monday, April 29, 2013

Internet Baseball Scorecard 2013 Minima II v 3.6 Architecture

In the last post on Internet Baseball Scorecard 2013 Architecture I had the batting totals boxes grouped in eighteen, seven column boxes, four rows high. My text editor, blogger and all the Browsers I tested the coding in (Chrome, Firefox and IE7), didn't like it.

So I threw out all that coding and instead created seven narrow, long columns that run the entire length of both scorecards - in each column are seventy five elements that are individually the totals boxes for each batter in the line-up - times 3 for substitutes.

The bench tables and the pitching tables were also formed in the manner I discovered browsers hate - so I tried something that I didn't really think would work - but it did.

The bench tables and the pitching tables are coded in six different columns - yet on render they look like they are placed on top, as one thing - in fact, each line and even the main title text are in separate columns.

That this works amazes me, because I thought that separating the coding like that, separating 1 pixel wide lines, and text like that, would lead to instability issues; but on zoom the elements grow in size exactly together - even the 'Bench Table' and 'Pitching Totals' header titles - which are both in two separate columns, align perfectly at any zoom setting.

Now the only coding not in one of the base-level columns, is the per-inning-totals Totals box - which is (will be) a positioned element, coded at the very bottom of the mark-up.

Columns are amazing.

Columns good.

Here's another schematic I drew to illustrate the architecture.

Internet Baseball Scorecard 2013 - "Test: Minima II v 3.6.01 - bench, pitching tables in the columns" -


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