Sunday, June 22, 2014

Game Scorecard - June 22nd: Jays at Reds - Gm 3

Internet Baseball Scorecard |  June 22nd: Jays at Reds - Gm 3 |

Jays lose Lawrie and Bautista.

Jays lose another series - back home against NYY Monday.

Game Notes

Reds are wearing desert camouflage tops, and a group of volunteers was initiated into the US army in a ritual ceremony before the game.

Baseball is like war; but war is nothing like baseball - except in the paying public's mind after this game today perhaps.

Is it patriotic to the Republic to celebrate signing up volunteers for the Imperial Army?

I think not.

When folks say getting rid of the DH would make the game boring, I've always taken a negative approach in my retorts ... like,

'HR's are boring! Besides that, their fascist.' *

But today while watching this National League game I think I've come up with a better retort than that: ...

"The game is interesting enough without it." (actually much more interesting)

The DH only remains because American League fans don't know that, because they never see it. Could inter league play change that?

To DH or not to DH is the question. A resolution is coming - one way of the other. MLB will become all one thing; or all the other thing. The two games cannot stand in one house for very long.

* Crash Davis - 'Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist." - Bull Durham (1988)

Bottom 6th Inning:
Announced that Lawrie has a broken index finger - on the 15 day DL (for now).
Baustista has right hamstring tightness - will evaluate back in Toronto.


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