Friday, June 27, 2014

Game Scorecard - June 27th: White Sox at Jays - Gm 2

Scored the game:
Internet Baseball Scorecard | June 27th: White Sox at Jays - Gm 2 |

Watch me pull a win outta my hat

Lots of notes in the at-bat boxes about batter approaches, pitching  strategies, and shifts - how they were pitched and how the batter dealt with them.

Jays floated a line-up designed to hit a lefty - very weak at the bottom I thought.  With Lind hot as a hot potato, I don't see the reason to create this weak right-lefty line-up unless Lind needed the day off as his injury continues to heal.

Jays almost pulled a win out of their hat* with some adroit PH-ing in the ninth - and a lot of mistakes on the field by the Sox - and one I thought, in the dugout by Chicago Manger Robin Ventura in the 8th (see Chicago 8th, batter #4).

With slugger phenom  Jose Abreu coming up next the Chicagos hit and run - which leads to a stike out and a stolen base - the Jays immediately signal 4 balls for the slugger. Could have blown the game wide open if it hadn't gone down that way.

Don't know if it was a play from the dugout or not.

* Watch me pull a win outta my hat:


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