Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Game Scorecard - June 25th: Yankees at Jays - Gm 3

Scored the game:
Internet Baseball Scorecard | June 25th: Yankees at Jays - Gm 3 |

Game Notes


Yankees prevent a sweep with great pitching - and fine management of their pitching in the middle to late innings - plus a 5-out Save from Yankees' closer, David Robertson - who's pitches were more perfect than I have ever seen. Rivera incarnate.

Notes from within the at-bat boxes:

E Encarnacion at-bat in the 8th against Adam Warren:
Yankees are sifted left with Jeter behind 3B in shallow left (deepest short) - pitching away - the hit ball was a slider in - sharply hit ground ball right at Jeter - long throw beats Encarnacion

M Kawasaki in the ninth against David Robertson:
Kawasaki is talking to himself, zoning in on pitches that are strikes, he seems to be saying to himself (after the ball 1 waste pitch - that was in the dirt), don't swing at that one - don't swing at that one - in the zone in - the zone...
Out pitch is a 6-12 slider that drops off the dish with Kawasaki swinging over it.


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