Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Rue the day the Blue Jays lose 2 in a row

It started last week, on Friday, August 7th - the day after the Jays swept the Minnesota Twins - on the FAN590 Toronto Radio, on their flagship show, Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown --- for a full 2 hours before the away game against New York Yankees the round table talked baseball.  Since then, the attention paid to this team on local media has gone from a space filler between talking about the National Hockey League Toronto Maple Leafs - to *THE* topic of discussion.

The fanatical shift turned up another notch last night as the Jays won and the Yankees lost; which saw the Jays vault into first place in the AL East: I hear Mike Wilner, the Jays' 5th inning play-by-play announcer and post game call in show host, say - this team might be a better than the 1992 World Series team.

After the post game phone-in on "Sportsnet Overnight", I hear announcer Mike Oz say this team might not loose another 10 games this year' (with 47 games to go, 9 loses a .801 winning percentage!).

So from a baseball fan living in a market that can't talk baseball for more than 1 minute before trying to make a allusion to Maple Leafs hockey - now once again, after 21 years of waiting - I live in a baseball town.

But don't be fooled (again), this is not a baseball town - this is a city of fans of winning home teams.

If the Jays loose 2 games in a row it is likely that Jays' General Manager Alex Anthopoulos will be run out of town by a torch and pitchfork wielding mob of insane former Blue Jays fans.


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