Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jays win 4th straight since non-waiver deadline moves

Closer for tonight's game, LaTroy Hawkins appeared to throw something from his mouth in the 9th against Minnesota after giving up a hit to Núñez who hit for Fryer; Núñez singled to center, Escobar to second. No runs scored and the Blue Jays won their 4th straight coming exactly from the point of their trade extravaganza at the non-waiver trade deadline.

The game came down to Bautista's grand slam in the 2nd which over-came the Twins 3-2 lead; and then Encarnacion's 3 run homer in the 4th which accounted for the Jay's 9 runs. The Twins plated 4 runs in the 5th but were not able to plate another after the that inning.

ESPN Boxscore: (annoyingly for baseball writers, not available during the game).


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