Monday, August 9, 2010

Schadenfreude reference in "Two And A half Men" sitcom

..or as Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha-ha."

Over at Allan Wood's "Joy of Sox" there is a series called Schadenfreude (A Continuing Series). If the New York Yankees are plummeting in a hellish burning ball of flames towards the leagues basement - or they lose a game - Allan takes delight in mocking them in the popular 'Schadenfreude' posts.

Only when it's appropriate though.

(Image from, Schadenfreude 31, Cleveland Indians oust Yankees in 2007 ALDS.)

Today in New York, on the eve of a three game set with Boston in Toronto, the Bostons beat the 'MFY'*.

So I thought it would be a good time for a bit of themed gamesmanship directed at Boston fans via the CBS hit show "Two And A half Men"... with some really cool references, like...

..apparently there isn't a German word for the feeling of guilt that comes after the feeling of Schadenfreude - but in this episode, Charlies crazy neighbor Rose, invents the word: "Gloukenstoucken" (at 19:00 minutes).

But in the world of obsessive, fanatical baseball team worship, Gloukenstoucken should only happen after your team's performance may leave you feeling that the feeling of Schadenfreude is developing in the fans of other teams nearby - and you may need to steal yourself for the abuse to come - because your catcher is batting .176 and you just lost your number three, power hitting first baseman with a broken thumb, and your only 4 games ahead, of all teams, the Toronto f*#king Blue Jays (TFJ).

But really, there is no word for that, so the feeling and the protection it may offer probably doesn't really exist.

Them's the breaks. :)

Boston at Toronto - Game 1
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
First pitch: 7:07PM
Rogers Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

* Joy of Sox glossary for MFY.

Joy of Sox "Schadenfreude" label.

Source link: Two And A half Men Season 2 ep 5



  1. Thanks!

    Wow. 31 was a good one!

  2. '31 was a good one'

    Yes. I'm obviously very susceptible to genuflected Schadenfreude - I couldn't stop laughing...

    On the other hand it wasn't because your team was heading to a World Series win (I was cheering for the Rockies) - it was because I hate the Yankees so very, very much.

    Watching their prideful expressions change to disbelief is delightful.

    We'll always have '07.

  3. PS: Allan is spelled thusly: A-L-L-A-N.


  4. Thanks again L-girl

    TIA? transient ischemic attack?

    Brain fart?