Saturday, April 27, 2013

Every wrong move - is Coach Gibbons in over his head?

Game Notes from Saturday afternoon's scorecard - a match between the visiting Toronto Blue Jays, and the New York Yankees --- the complete scorecard of which, is here: "Blue Jays at Yankees - Game 3" -

Game Notes

Final in 9
Toronto Blue Jays: 3
New York Yankees: 4

This coach doesn't see baseball the way I see baseball. I don't agree with his approach with regards to defensive substitutions late - the way he's utilizing the parts he has; how he has the line-up configured, and how he uses the pitching staff; how he seems to determines everything that happens on the field from the foundation stone of the lefty / right-y pitcher batter match-ups meme.

Rasmus out of the line-up because of a lefty right-y match-up thing??? How about putting your best defence on the field against one of the stingiest pitchers in the league in what appears to be a closely matched series?

Of coarse it doesn't matter if the whole world doesn't like the way Gibbons' manages, the question is, do the players on this team respond to how he's doing it? As far as I can see no one is being put in a position to succeed, it's like he hasn't a clue who he has on the team - it's all about a calculator struck in average vs pitcher over time.

For example why not move Bautista down to the four spot and bat Cabrera three - he's the best batter and a idea three hitter; move Bautista and Encarnacion down to four and five spots and then you show the team who they are - a contender. Instead Gibbons sticks with the line-up architecture that the Jays' have used the past three seasons - because they didn't have the parts to configure the line-up in this, the ideal fashion.


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