Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jays' shaky defense obscures positives in tight tilt with Yanks

Game Notes from Friday evening's scorecard - a match between the visiting Toronto Blue Jays, and the New York Yankees --- the complete scorecard of which ... is here: "Blue Jays at Yankees - Game 2" -

Game Notes

Final in 9
Toronto Blue Jays: 4
New York Yankees: 6

Yankees win by 2 with a wild pitch and a pass ball by the Jays' battery - both of which plate runs That and base on balls all over the place; plus a double play not made in the second - and that's all she wrote. Shaky defense loses this one.

Interesting - this beat up Yankee team, and this still-finding-their-way Jays team - seemed to struggle together today - the game had a battle of cosmic forces kind of feel to it. These teams are well matched.

We'll have an indication whether or not my feeling is correct if the Jays win the next two. Quite an unlikely feat at this point.


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