Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hats off to Yankee starting pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda ...

Game Notes from Saturday afternoon's scorecard - a match between the visiting Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays --- the complete scorecard of which, is here:

Game Notes

46,095 paid tickets

Final in 11
New York Yankees: 5
Toronto Blue Jays: 3

As the TV sportcasting crew was saying all game long, the Jays were hitting the ball right at positioned Yankees ... And that tells you (me) that the Yankees' starting pitcher had full command and control of his pitches today - pitching to spots against the Jay's offense, that resulted in the batted ball going where the Yankee brain trust predicted they would most likely go.

Hats off to Yankee starting pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda for executing the game plan.

On the sloppy play by the Blue Jays' defence (which cost them the game) there is plenty of blame to go around. It seems everyone is trying too hard - especially Lawrie who is a natural leader - and so everyone is trying too hard ...

Not to mention that it is still uncertain who will stick with this team. With lots of major league capable talent just down the road in AAA Buffalo, who knows what will happen if some under performance is detected - anywhere on the field, it seems (if John Gibbons' PH and defensive replacement meme is any indication - which as yet, it is hard to tell  what messages he's trying to send to his players --- from here, a mile away from the stadium, at any rate).

Which reminds me of an idea related to this - do second-time-through coaches get the usual honeymoon ... Or are we allowed to call for their heads in April?  :)


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