Monday, October 10, 2016

Either it's a double play or it's the winning run ... It's the Winning Run!!!

By the time all the long shots had ceased in the 4th, I told my friend beside me at @HitchLimited that this might be amoungst the best baseball games he'd ever seen (I thought it was going to be a pitching duel with a heart-stabbing ending).

I wasn't wrong.

I'll not waste words here writing it out for you how it moved forward from there ... the line score is definitive. The teams battled back and forth until they were tied after six:

espn boxscore -

And then the 10th:

Donaldson scores the winning run

A topsy turvy game ... with the home team ascendant.


(that's how I predicted it) 


Image: espn boxscore -

Video via mlb advanced media -


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