Monday, October 10, 2016

Josh Donaldson - mad dash to home.

Josh Donaldson post game interview is excellent:

"Josh Donaldson with a mad dash to home."


Interview man (no accreditation) --- It's a sort series - but how was this team able to answer every time seemingly, and put numbers on the board?

Donaldson --- "If I had that answer we'd do it every day. We came out, I thought we executed pretty well. They took advantage of some of our mistakes; we took advantage of some of their mistakes - it was kinda a back-and-forth battle ... kind of what everybody expected, minus the fact that we were kind of able to get the last one; and that's baseball sometimes."

mlb advanced media - Oct 9 2016 | Donaldson on walk-off win |

Their pitching had a bit of a down-spout; our pitching played amoungst their best games of their years. Their middle of the order hit a bit of a slump in the first two games; our middle of the line-up batted about .400 over 28 innings.

Here's the Jays' team batting stats as of now:

5 game series; it's a crap shoot!


They're getting better as we go forward! 

If you click on the 'Postseason' tab at the top in the image above live at espn you can look at the Baltimore Wild Card game included.

The top four are the same top four - with the addition that the man in the middle has moved up from 10 to 8.

Bullpens were evenly matched I thought.



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