Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling ...

More on Gibby saving bullets; letting loose while the letting loose is available?

The Jays left 8 on base tonight. Blue Jays batting with RISP: 0-5 (Martin 0-2, Bautista 0-1, Travis 0-2)

This was just one opportunity that failed to produce a run ...

Pillars line drive to right with 1 On and 1 Out in the 8th gets picked by Cleveland's Kipnis at 2nd Base ... but the throw might have been late!

No review was requested.

The video manager of the Jays did not think this worth reviewing - or perhaps Gibbons didn't ask for an opinion?

Sometimes a rhythm sets in when two pitchers are dueling; if nothing breaks that field threshold, the first run scored in the ball game can become the last run scored in the ball game - the winning run.

That's what happened tonight, one call this or that, sends ripples though the 'ether' of a game like this.

If this play had been reversed (and there was a good camera angle to over turn it) - the Jays might have broken that threshold.

Was Gibby saving bullets; not sweating the details in this away game, 1 of likely 7 in this series?

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The rhythm in This game was fashioned by the great start of Corey Kluber (6.1IP), and the shut-down magic of relief pitching of Andrew Miller (1.2IP - and a 0.00 ERA over 4 games this postseason).

On the opposite side, Marco Estrada provided the counterpoint, with a near perfect eight-inning complete game.

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TOR 0 - 2 CLE


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