Saturday, October 15, 2016

Indians high after game one win

Indians line-up looked like they were very happy to win game one.

Perhaps they doth celebrate too much?

Gibbons summed up:

Gibbons summed up his feeling for the series in a way that reflected the way I felt he played the first game:
  • Keyword - 'Relaxed';
  • Save your bullets;
  • Rest the Staff - Let Estrada pitch the whole game;
  • Taking the pressure off - a streaking team:
  • Which had won 6 in a row;
  • Hasn't lost a game since the 3rd last game of the season, against Boston;
  • Now facing a 7 game series against a very good team - that is also streaking.

Gibbons starts with gimpy Devon Travis at 2B, Travis hops off the field in the 5th inning; enter excellent defensive replacement Ryan Goins, into what is already a pitcher's duel.

Also Gibbons did not review Pillar's line drive ground-out to 2B in the 8th with 1 On and 1 Out (see article:

So the Indians were very happy to win their 7th in row. Perhaps they shouldn't party too much. With an easy late September schedule compared to the American League East, they beat Kansas City 6 times in 2 series including the last three games of the season, but apart from those tête-à-têtes, the Clevelands lost two series in a row ... . All that is - is often not always perceived.

It's a crap shoot ... But perhaps it's an ebb and flow crap shoot?

I think Gibbons played it right.


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