Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Sub-optimal Route"

Sabermetrics gone wrong ...

Here's an excellent example of a sports journalist using Sabermetrics to try and sound smart:

Kevin Pillars' screamer down the right field line in the 5th is fielded by RF Michael Bourn excellently ... he scoops the 3-ricochet ball off the wall and fires it back to the long cut-off at 1B - stopping the runner on 2nd (Michael Saunders) from scoring ... By a long shot.

I couldn't believe the hit didn't score a run!

Video starts with Michael Saunders' double down the line in left.

Statcast: Blue Jays set up rally - 10/04/16 | 00:01:02 Statcast of the Day: Michael Saunders and Kevin Pillar hit a pair of unlikely doubles to spur a game-tying rally in the 5th

Via mlb advanced media -

So the metrician reports that Bourn's route was sub-optimal.

Well, if he's two inches further south it's pretty f*king optimal.


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